Bullet to the Head

By stevendbeard
Written February 02, 2013
This is a good old fashioned action movie , directed by Walter Hill , a good old fashioned action movie director [he directed The Warriors , 48 Hrs , Red Heat , Another 48 Hrs] starring a good old fashioned action star [Sylvester] . Sylvestor is 66 years old and looks like he is in fantastic shape . Sylvester plays a New Orleans hitman that meets Sung , a Washington D.C. detective , whenever they are both looking for the same man , Adewale [It seems they have some personal business with him] . This is kind of like those old buddy cop movies , only it's a hitman and a cop . Christian plays a high priced attorney and Jason is a tough enforcer [they both work for Adewale] and in case you were wondering , the title of the movie comes into play , quite often . In a good action movie , you need a good , tough bad guy for the hero to fight and you definitely have that here , with Jason .
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Classic Stallone!

By Movie_Buff_86
Written December 20, 2014
This is just another typical Stallone movie, but that is not a bad thing. I enjoyed this movie a lot and it is a You know what to expect when walking into the movie theatre, when you are watching a movie with Stallone. This movie has a hitman and a cop go up against thugs who have killed their partners. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want, unless Stallone does something about it. Go see it, but it def. is not for kids. Too much swearing and blood. That is why it is rated R. Stallone is at it again and he did not dissapoint. I was entertained for the 90 minutes and he is still one of the best action stars out there even at his age. GO SEE IT. Everybody loves a good afternoon full of blood and guns!
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Good action attitude flick. Sly still has the bricks!

By Mike Blondino
Written September 23, 2014
Just went and saw Bullet To The Head. Just me and a friend. This movie is NOT for kids. Extremely graphic. Ok.. two things about Sly, the man is hard as rock even at his considerable age, and second, his acting hasn't improved since Rocky! But I enjoyed it despite his pushing of Bullet Whiskey which tastes nasty. All that said, in the action department it didn't disappoint; very bloody, a lot of bad guy with the code of ethics stuff. Definitely a good guy flick, and honestly I don't think any man can look at Stallone and not be inspired to put in some time at the gym.
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By MovieMeister66
Written October 20, 2014
I was a little reluctant to go to this one thinking Sly was a bit too old to pull it off. But I must say I enjoyed the movie and it's action scenes.
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A By The Numbers Action Crime-Drama.

By Alon Patterson
Written February 03, 2013
While there's absolutely nothing new to be found in this film, Stallone proves that even though he may be a senior citizen he can still carry an action flick. If all senior citizens were as fit as him, this would be a very scary world. Meantime as movies go, this one's not half bad. If you see a lot of crime action films, this play will seem familiar, as its plot formula's been done time and time again on screen. Still, it's worth the price of admission and entertaining. That's definitely what I look for in a film. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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