Bullet to the Head Synopsis
The deaths of their partners bring a cop and a hit man together against a common enemy.
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Bullet to the Head

By stevendbeard
This is a good old fashioned action movie , directed by Walter Hill , a good old fashioned action movie director [he directed The Warriors , 48 Hrs , Red Heat , Another 48 Hrs] starring a good old...

Classic Stallone!

By Movie_Buff_86
This is just another typical Stallone movie, but that is not a bad thing. I enjoyed this movie a lot and it is a You know what to expect when walking into the movie theatre, when you are watching a...

Good action attitude flick. Sly still has the bricks!

By Mike Blondino
Just went and saw Bullet To The Head. Just me and a friend. This movie is NOT for kids. Extremely graphic. Ok.. two things about Sly, the man is hard as rock even at his considerable age, and...


By MovieMeister66
I was a little reluctant to go to this one thinking Sly was a bit too old to pull it off. But I must say I enjoyed the movie and it's action scenes....

Very good movie, entertaining

By coder01
If this is your genre this movie is definitely entertaining. Not terrifically violent, but that's ok. Good suspense, pretty good story line. Sylvester is getting a bit old to be the action hero,...

A By The Numbers Action Crime-Drama.

By Al P
While there's absolutely nothing new to be found in this film, Stallone proves that even though he may be a senior citizen he can still carry an action flick. If all senior citizens were as fit as...

The Trailers Looked Good

By ghostriderfan
Look I'm not gonna bash the movie. The trailers looked good but honestly didn't live up to the hype. Bullet To The Head is a kick-***movie, I mean it's balls to the wall action and that's where...

Hard to like a movie in which you don't like anyone!

By kathleencharles
Wanted to like this movie, but when you don't care about any of the main characters...it's impossible. Stallone's stilted, monosyllabic dialog, a dumb cop, a daughter who can't act her way out of a...

Typical Stallone Action

By hairydawg78
Stallone is one of if not the best action movie star of all time. He is a freak of a man whether its all real or artificial I don't know but the man doesn't look like a typical 60 something. If...

Stallone Failure

By steven4jc
I went into this movie knowing it was probably going to be a rugged man move like the Expendables. Usually, that sort of movie is a good movie theater man flick. I was very mistaken. The plot was...

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Rated R | For Strong violence, bloody images, language, some nudity and brief drug use
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Common Sense Media says Over-the-top violence, nudity, drugs in dark Stallone movie.
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