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Paranoia envelops lost souls (Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon) at a rundown desert motel.
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Extremely violent with a rather lacklustre plot

By Green Hippo
I was "lucky" enough to see this film in Cannes (France) this evening. It came out in France this weekend. I had quite high expectations since I like Ashley Judd and I thought from the synopsis...

Unbelievable Acting

I saw the play in New York a couple of years ago and the film as well. It may not be for everyone, but the acting is superb. Just brilliant. Michael Shannon, who originated the role on the stage,...

Go if you appreciate a well-acted stage play

By Taurean1949
Most folks won’t like this film, but I did. It helped that I knew going in that it is a film adaptation of a stage play with very few actors and a set limited almost entirely to a fleabag motel room....

what waste of money

By cricks
i don't think it was worth the money. i expected so much more and things didn't start getting interesting until further into the movie....i did appreicate the fact that people really do have this...

Incredible acting - wrong target market

By manoflamuncie
BUG is a brilliant psychological thriller that has been unfortunately marketed as a bloody horror movie. There is some blood and there are plenty of uncomfortable moments, but BUG is so much deeper...

WAY better than people say...

By FrenchFlies
The previous posters that didn't like it obviously don't like psychological thrillers. It's no wonder Hollywood keeps pumping out swill; it's because when an original movie like this does come out,...


By Marklvnv
This movie is horrible! It's truly that bad. Don't waste your money, you will regret it. There was absolutely nothing good about this movie - from the bad acting, to the bad story, to the bad sets....


By mackenzie movie master
This is by far the stupidest movie i have ever seen! The whole movie takes place in her icky rundown motel room. There is the most awkward sex scene ever. and it is NOT as good as they advertise it!!...


By eldrakeo
If i ever meet someone who liked this movie i might have to send them to an institution...seriously...

Some say Go but they feel guilty about spending the money

By buggybutt
Some people can look at a pile of crap on the sidewalk and see a work of art. This is that pile of crap. Anyone who wrote a good review must have felt guilty about spending the money and needed to...

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Rated R | For some strong violence, sexuality, nudity, language and drug use
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