Bud Ekins
Date of Birth
May 11, 1930
Birth Place:
Hollywood, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1997 Randy Quaid Vegas Vacation
1997 Wallace Shawn Vegas Vacation
1997 Jerry Weintraub Vegas Vacation
1997 Sid Caesar Vegas Vacation
1997 Chevy Chase Vegas Vacation
1997 Beverly D'Angelo Vegas Vacation
1994 Constance Towers The Next Karate Kid
1994 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita The Next Karate Kid
1994 Michael Ironside The Next Karate Kid
1994 Hilary Swank The Next Karate Kid
1994 Sharon Stone The Specialist
1994 Rod Steiger The Specialist
1994 James Woods The Specialist
1994 Eric Roberts The Specialist
1994 Sylvester Stallone The Specialist
1990 Dorian Harewood Pacific Heights
1990 Melanie Griffith Pacific Heights
1990 Matthew Modine Pacific Heights
1990 Tracey Walter Pacific Heights
1990 John Schlesinger Pacific Heights
1990 Beverly D'Angelo Pacific Heights
1990 Tippi Hedren Pacific Heights
1990 Dan Hedaya Pacific Heights
1990 Michael Keaton Pacific Heights
1990 Laurie Metcalf Pacific Heights
1990 Miriam Margolyes Pacific Heights
1990 Mako Pacific Heights
1988 Christine Ebersole MAC and Me
1988 George "Buck" Flower MAC and Me
1983 Lincoln Kilpatrick Deadly Force
1983 Wings Hauser Deadly Force
1983 Estelle Getty Deadly Force
1983 Paul Benjamin Deadly Force
1978 Red Buttons Movie, Movie
1978 George Burns Movie, Movie
1978 Jocelyn Brando Movie, Movie
1978 Harry Hamlin Movie, Movie
1978 Barbara Harris Movie, Movie
1978 Art Carney Movie, Movie
1978 Stanley Donen Movie, Movie
1978 Dick Winslow Movie, Movie
1978 Michael Kidd Movie, Movie
1978 Barry Bostwick Movie, Movie
1978 Eli Wallach Movie, Movie
1978 George C. Scott Movie, Movie
1970 Aldo Ray Angel Unchained
1970 Tyne Daly Angel Unchained
1969 Jeremy Slate Hell's Angels '69
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