Buddy Joe Hooker

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Michael Keaton Need for Speed
2009 Rod Taylor Inglourious Basterds
2009 Julie Dreyfus Inglourious Basterds
2009 Bo Svenson Inglourious Basterds
2009 Mike Myers Inglourious Basterds
2009 Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds
2004 Michael Chapman Suspect Zero
2004 Ben Kingsley Suspect Zero
2004 Aaron Eckhart Suspect Zero
2004 Carrie-Anne Moss Suspect Zero
1996 Richard Schiff The Arrival
1996 Charlie Sheen The Arrival
1996 Lindsay Crouse The Arrival
1996 Ron Silver The Arrival
1996 Ed Lauter Mulholland Falls
1996 John Malkovich Mulholland Falls
1996 Andrew McCarthy Mulholland Falls
1996 Richard Sylbert Mulholland Falls
1996 Treat Williams Mulholland Falls
1996 Rob Lowe Mulholland Falls
1996 Michael Madsen Mulholland Falls
1996 Bruce Dern Mulholland Falls
1996 Jennifer Connelly Mulholland Falls
1996 Melanie Griffith Mulholland Falls
1996 Chazz Palminteri Mulholland Falls
1996 Nick Nolte Mulholland Falls
1996 William Petersen Mulholland Falls
1996 Chris Penn Mulholland Falls
1995 David Caruso Jade
1995 Michael Biehn Jade
1995 Linda Fiorentino Jade
1995 Richard Crenna Jade
1995 Kevin Tighe Jade
1995 Chazz Palminteri Jade
1991 Noble Willingham Sweet Poison
1991 Pruitt Taylor Vince Sweet Poison
1991 Edward Herrmann Sweet Poison
1990 Steven Seagal Hard to Kill
1990 Alec Baldwin Miami Blues
1990 Charles Napier Miami Blues
1990 Jennifer Jason Leigh Miami Blues
1990 Fred Ward Miami Blues
1990 Paul Gleason Miami Blues
1990 Martine Beswicke Miami Blues
1989 Christian Slater Gleaming the Cube
1989 Max Perlich Gleaming the Cube
1989 Ed Lauter Gleaming the Cube
1984 James Woods Against All Odds
1984 Swoosie Kurtz Against All Odds
1984 Richard Widmark Against All Odds
1984 Rachel Ward Against All Odds
1984 Dorian Harewood Against All Odds
1984 Saul Rubinek Against All Odds
1984 Jeff Bridges Against All Odds
1984 Jane Greer Against All Odds
1984 Talia Balsam Magnum, P.I.: On Face Value
1983 Rutger Hauer The Osterman Weekend
1983 Chris Sarandon The Osterman Weekend
1983 Craig T. Nelson The Osterman Weekend
1983 John Hurt The Osterman Weekend
1983 Helen Shaver The Osterman Weekend
1983 Dennis Hopper The Osterman Weekend
1983 Burt Lancaster The Osterman Weekend
1981 Dennis Hopper King of the Mountain
1981 Deborah Van Valkenburgh King of the Mountain
1981 Seymour Cassel King of the Mountain
1981 Harry Hamlin King of the Mountain
1981 William Forsythe King of the Mountain
1980 Harvey Korman Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Alex Rocco Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Cloris Leachman Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Fritz Feld Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Richard Jaeckel Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Vito Scotti Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 John Vernon Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Charles Martin Smith Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 Barbara Rhoades The Serial
1980 Mark L. Taylor The Serial
1980 Bill Macy The Serial
1980 Martin Mull The Serial
1980 Tuesday Weld The Serial
1980 Christopher Lee The Serial
1980 Sally Kellerman The Serial
1974 Vera Miles The Castaway Cowboy
1974 James Garner The Castaway Cowboy
1974 Robert Culp The Castaway Cowboy
1974 Gregory Sierra The Castaway Cowboy
1974 Dana Andrews Take a Hard Ride
1974 Fred Williamson Take a Hard Ride
1974 Jim Brown Take a Hard Ride
1974 Ron Howard Take a Hard Ride
1974 Barry Sullivan Take a Hard Ride
1974 Catherine Spaak Take a Hard Ride
1974 Harry Carey, Jr. Take a Hard Ride
1974 Lee Van Cleef Take a Hard Ride
1973 Laura Dern White Lightning
1973 Diane Ladd White Lightning
1973 Ned Beatty White Lightning
1973 Burt Reynolds White Lightning
1973 R.G. Armstrong White Lightning
1972 Vonetta McGee Melinda
1972 Calvin Lockhart Melinda
1972 Rosalind Cash Melinda
1969 Jeremy Slate Hell's Angels '69
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