Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Synopsis
A kid from the Midwest moves out to Hollywood in order to follow in his parents footsteps -- and become a porn star.
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That Bucky Larson's humor is stuck at a toilet-centric grade school level is less damning than how little of that or any humor it contains -...
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Boston Globe

By Tom Russo
Never thought we'd say this about a movie, but Bucky Larson probably doesn't wring as much out of recurring bodily-fluid gags as it could.
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
It's an ugly movie to look at and a faintly nauseating one to sit through, truth be told.
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Entertainment Weekly

Bucky Larson is a one-note joke played over and over and over.
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Boxoffice Magazine

Of course, Bucky Larson isn't one of the year's worst films because its laughs are poisoned and problematic - rather, it's one of the...
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Time Out New York

This movie is dire, soul-crushing stuff.
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Los Angeles Times

By Robert Abele
The scenario makes for an inept, lazy R-rated movie whose sole purpose is as a glossary of euphemisms for genitalia and sexual acts.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Unfortunately, the R rating will prohibit the target audience -- namely teenage boys who find penis jokes endlessly hilarious - from seeing...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
This god-awful, unfunny, stinkingly putrid sketch-comic movie has exactly one snicker-worthy moment, involving Kevin Nealon and a stolen...
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Austin Chronicle

By Kimberley Jones
What does startle is how tiresome it all is.
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bucky larson.

By kiaradice
i freakinnnng love this movie with al my hearttt i freakinnnng love this movie with al my hearttt <3 bucky larsonnn <3 oh goshhh. okay, we'll i'm only 13 annd my dad bought this movie me and him watched it and itt got too the porn part at his f fiends house and he turned it off. So my dad went too work one day and it was just me & my cousin, so we decided too watch bucky larson. we've watched it about 3 times. "hi how are ya ? " we love that quote he says ! my dad found out we watched it the fist time. But he didn't get mad then he found out again and he was ticked ! so he threw the movie away . & we started balling our eyes out. That's how much we love it . does anyone know where i can get one of his tee-shirts ? Lol. But yeah i thought this movie was AMZING. i think you should make and bucky larson part 2 ! oh yeah and the part where he has his light up shoes " you look just like a rapper " i want those shoes he has <3 thank you. buh byeee <3...

By walt_con
Too funny...

By bryantjer

By kookookid123

dont spend your money

By hotsauce8815
Well I can honestly tell you. Don't spend your hard earn money. I literally told off the manager of the movie theater how he allows this to even play at his theater. Haha joke is on us spending $20...

Five Word Review

By vlovesmovies22
Hilarious Entertaining Enjoyable Different Intense...

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star review

By ashnick08
i wanted to walk out of the movie it was so dumb!!...

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star review

By sjanousk
Walked out of the theater after 35 minutes - what a waste of film...

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By manchesterunitedboss
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By MI Paul
A very disappointing effort by Adam Sandler. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Don't waste your money....

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Rated R | For Some Nudity, Pervasive Crude Sexual Content and Language
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Common Sense Media says Pause for kids 17 & under Lots of sexual content and language, not enough humor.
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