Buck review

By cleoleigh
Written August 05, 2011
This film was beautifully done!!! Can't say enough good things
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Excellent movie

By cvilleheather
Written July 06, 2011
My husband and I and our 11 year old daughter went to see this movie. We were a little concerned about taking her but she is a horse lover and was very excited to see it. Some of the details of Buck's childhood were more mature than she had been exposed to before, but there was not any graphic detail, which helped. Overall just a beautiful movie which I would very happily see again. One of the best I've seen in quite a while.
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By rmeditz
Written June 30, 2011
Buck is one of the few movies that not only educates the public about human kindness but also champions the horse. Abuce comes in so many forms! Horses are naturally a kind animal...one must just speak their language. If you want an inspiring and gut wrenching story about life with no frills and LOVE horses..this is the moviie for you. Confirmed all my feelings about "the horse" A wonderful movie....I can't wait for it to be a DVD!
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Great story!

By saintez
Written July 09, 2011
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Splendid movie about an inspiring person

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 16, 2011
If you're looking for something without special effects, ear-splitting noise and watered down characters, Buck is a wonderful choice. This portrait of a real-life person draws you in with its quiet choreography of man and horse, unpretentious presentation and insightful comments. It may not be worth shelling out $12 to see at a first-run multiplex (I saw a free sneak peek), but don't deny yourself a chance to catch it at some point.
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