Bryan Greenberg
Date of Birth
May 24, 1978
Birth Place:
Omaha, NE

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Bruce Willis Vice
2013 Harris Yulin A Short History of Decay
2011 Richard Jenkins Friends With Benefits
2011 Woody Harrelson Friends With Benefits
2011 Patricia Clarkson Friends With Benefits
2010 Luis Guzman How to Make it in America [TV Series]
2010 Martha Plimpton How to Make it in America [TV Series]
2009 Kate Hudson Bride Wars
2009 Anne Hathaway Bride Wars
2009 Candice Bergen Bride Wars
2009 Trini Alvarado The Good Guy
2009 Andrew McCarthy The Good Guy
2007 Alan Rickman Nobel Son
2007 Bill Pullman Nobel Son
2007 Mary Steenburgen Nobel Son
2007 Tracey Walter Nobel Son
2007 Ernie Hudson Nobel Son
2007 Ted Danson Nobel Son
2007 Danny DeVito Nobel Son
2007 Eliza Dushku Nobel Son
2007 Tom Berenger October Road: Season 01
2007 Tom Berenger October Road: Season 02
2005 Meryl Streep Prime
2005 Uma Thurman Prime
2005 Madhur Jaffrey Prime
2005 Sean Astin Thanks to Gravity
2005 Shirley Knight Thanks to Gravity
2005 Frank Langella Unscripted
2004 Scarlett Johansson The Perfect Score
2004 Frank Langella Unscripted [TV Series]
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