BRUNO - VASSUP???!!! Rating: 55 out of 100. (Based on an actual advance press screening)

Written July 11, 2009
Recently, I attended the advance press preview of this 88-minute gross shock-fest of a 'movie'. Yes, it took me awhile before I could come to grips with writing this critique/review because I was totally unprepared and I was shocked by BRUNO. BRUNO offends everyone equally! This R-rated movie WILL BE offensive to some segments of the population - SHOCK was exactly the GIMMICK that Sacha Baron Cohen was going for. Be prepared to be grossed-out by nudity, sex scenes, vulgar jokes, etc. I did find myself laughing out loud at a few scenes - Paula Abdul being punked = precious! Alabama karate instructor made me roll my eyes. Gay-converters were funny! And WHAT in the world is @nal bleaching? Enough said - I'll need a lobotomy to remove some of the trauma. Still - you have to give it to Sacha Baron Cohen for a GREAT job being in character - if nothing else, he was quite entertaining. VERDICT: NOT for kids/families. Save your $ for something worthwhile. Actual GRADE: D
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By loveartandfilm
Written July 09, 2009
Okay, obviously we have some extremely sensitive people here.... Of COURSE it is offensive, of COURSE SBC takes it too far. That is the beauty of his comedy. He DOES NOT CARE. Borat was fantastic. So if you thought Borat was terrible, don't see this. If you thought it was great, then go see Bruno. Simple as that. Stop crying about the adoption and the Christianity stuff.. get over it. It is a MOVIE... it is made to be a MOCKumentary... not a documentary, so CHILL.
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Better Than Borat

By dizzlecakes
Written July 08, 2009
I went to a press screening for this film a couple weeks ago, and cannot believe it has a "So-So" rating here on Fandango. It was outrageously funny, and not just because of the physical comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen. While his wit while candidly interviewing people from Paula Abdul to Middle Eastern terrorists is astounding, the real comedy comes as he exposes the prejudice of Christian bigots. It's pretty obvious that Cohen's mission is not just to bring people to tears in laughter, but to also call attention, in an effective way, to the ignorance around the world.
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Don't be so dramatic, people.

By ktlivesatregal
Written July 15, 2009
Point blank: this movie is hilarious. Never once did I stop laughing. Whether from the sheer stupidity of SBC's actions as the fabulous Bruno or because of the fashionista's infamous jokes, entertainment is entertainment. Of course some parts were inappropriate for the younger folk, but it's rated R. I mean no offense to anyone by saying this but do people normally take their children to R rated movies and expect rainbows and butterflies rather than sex, drugs, and nude people? Whether it's rated R or NC17 (does it matter? it's still too old for your children), you still don't have room to complain about the vulgar nature because of your ignorance towards the man's acting, etc. Everyone knows Sasha as Borat. And to me, that's warning enough. I thought this mockumentary of Mr. Cohen's was brilliant, witty, & wild... way better than Borat. Filled with incredible situations that make you want to pee your pants from laughing so hard. Forget what you've heard and create your own opinion.
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Christian Bigots.

By the_Dianasaur
Written July 05, 2009
The United States was not founded on Christianity but rather freedom of religion and speech. Which leaves room for any interpretation of religion and also the freedom to express yourself in any manner using any medium. Censoring Hollywood...? Yeah, that sounds pretty American. You are the reason why the rest of the world rolls their eyes at our existence. Thank you for making our country a complete joke and contradictory statement. You are embarrassing.
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