Bruce Norris

Worked With

Year Name Title
2010 David Margulies All Good Things
2010 Diane Venora All Good Things
2010 Ryan Gosling All Good Things
2010 Philip Baker Hall All Good Things
2010 Trini Alvarado All Good Things
2010 Kirsten Dunst All Good Things
2010 Frank Langella All Good Things
2004 Jeff Daniels Imaginary Heroes
2004 Sigourney Weaver Imaginary Heroes
2004 Michelle Williams Imaginary Heroes
1999 Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Sense
1999 Olivia Williams The Sixth Sense
1999 Toni Collette The Sixth Sense
1999 Bruce Willis The Sixth Sense
1998 Kathy Bates A Civil Action
1998 John Travolta A Civil Action
1998 James Gandolfini A Civil Action
1998 William H. Macy A Civil Action
1998 Zeljko Ivanek A Civil Action
1998 Sydney Pollack A Civil Action
1998 Robert Duvall A Civil Action
1998 Kathleen Quinlan A Civil Action
1998 John Lithgow A Civil Action
1998 Tony Shalhoub A Civil Action
1998 Karen Sillas Reach the Rock
1992 Dennis Boutsikaris Law & Order: The Corporate Veil
1992 Michael Lombard Law & Order: The Corporate Veil
1990 Arye Gross A Matter of Degrees
1990 Tom Sizemore A Matter of Degrees
1983 Casey Siemaszko Class
1983 Virginia Madsen Class
1983 Cliff Robertson Class
1983 Andrew McCarthy Class
1983 Rob Lowe Class
1983 Jacqueline Bisset Class
1983 Lolita Davidovich Class
1983 John Cusack Class
1983 Joan Cusack Class
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