Brother's Keeper Synopsis
Andy and Pete Goodwynn have all that matters taken away from them by a powerful family.

Movie Reviews

Uplifting Moving message

By katyjan2000
What an amazing movie. Everything about this film is great! The acting is great and the directing is amazing. It's very emotional so I think the PG-13 rating is right on. Rarely can I say I've been...

Brother's Keeper

By ritalaws
Loved it! Saw it twice over the weekend. Great message, great acting!! Took several friends with me. All very positive reviews! It is a message everyone in this country needs to get. ...

brothers keeper

By davidpapen
a must see where forgiveness and grace hit head on to break your heart and heal your soul...

Brothers Keeper

By elyse22
I wish that the movie could have been longer to develop the personalities and characters of the people better. I didn't feel I knew them very well. But the story/plot was great, and it was almost...

Brother's Keeper

By ashleypod
I just saw this movie and Wow! It was really amazing! The story line had several twists, the acting was really great, and the message was powerful! It is appropriate for all ages. I highly...

Be kind, tender hearted, FORGIVING one another...

By peaBrown
We just saw the new release, "Brother's Keeper Film" on opening weekend & really liked it. Produced by the industry's up & coming Steven Camp, Josh Mills and TJ Amato of Desert Wind Studios this...

Inspiring life-changer!

By singinheart
Unpredictable Deep characters Not preachy Thoughtful Gives hope...

Great message of redemption

By gr951
This movie had an amazing message of hope in the face of amazing suffering. Could you forgive someone who has wronged you? Do you really have sacrificial love? So much so that you would die for...

A must see

By Ceb9635

Ridiculously Bad Film

By BGN1822
Who were these people who had an.ything positive to say about this movie?...

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Rated PG-13 | For Thematic Material, Disturbing Images, Some Teen Smoking, Some Drinking and Violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Weak faith-based teen drama has violence, heavy themes.
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