Why should you see this film?

Written March 10, 2009
If you are a soldier, were a solider, know a soldier, or married to a solider, then you must see this film! Brothers at War is a phenomenal documentary telling the story of our warriors in Iraq and their families at home through the lens of one man whose two brothers are serving. The filmmaker risks his life to gain a deeper understanding for what these men do and why they do it. The result is an insightful, deeply moving, raw and honest film, with spots of humor, that will surely impact anyone who sees it. You'll come away from this film with a deeper respect and understanding for our brothers in arms.
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Support our Troops

By Angeline1982
Written March 06, 2009
Jake Rademacher brings a new type of documentary forward. This is a movie where it brings forth the question "Why are our troops there?" Jake condenses over 400 hours of tape into an hour and a half documentary where he not only covers the points of what it's like to be in Iraq as a soldier, but also brings interviews from soldiers families from before and after they returned from active duty in Iraq. Jake Rademacher did not make this movie for the glory, but for the universal truth of honor, dignity and truth of our soldiers. The film follows his brother Issac around while he gets a first hand encounter of the front lines of battle and what an average day is like in Iraq. We all have our perceptions and what we see on the news, but Jake brings us a first hand look of some of the situations there. I have actually had a chance to see some of this movie and I have even met Jake and he is the most genuine real deal. Go see this movie.
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Brothers at War

By rottiedawg
Written March 19, 2009
I was excited about seeing this movie after seeing the trailer. I was concerned though it was going to be another biased approach to the war and try to send out some political message. I was glad to see that Jake Rademacher left his opinions of the war behind. I'll leave the film background out since by now you have already read it numerous times. I thought his original intentions for making the film were more of a personal Vision Quest journey to prove that he could do it, but along the way he found a story that needed to be told. Most civilians only get to see what the media wants them to see regarding the war. Jake shows us that there is a Son and a Brother fighting over there. They have families back home also struggling with the separations. I think its an important film which every American should see. It leaves a lot of open questions and missed opportunities, but that's what was appealing. It isn't your everyday war documentary. It's much more, its a journey worth taking.
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Brothers At War

By Jamt
Written March 22, 2009
This is a great film that shows how all family members are affected with a family member away at war. I love the strength from a blended family, all working together & helping each other. The camaraderie between brothers was so interesting & really came through in the film. It was typical that Jake, older and very accomplished, was very concerned about what Joe, younger, yet, very serious, thought about him. I love that the theme centered around all the members of the family. It was so touching at the end when Joe & all his soldiers were lined up to board the plane to deploy into harm's way. Those of us who have been there, felt a terrible tug at our heart strings watching our sons, daughters, husbands, brothers, etc., march off to war. Our pride for our deployed troops is immense. We are so grateful for their courage & bravery & they stand tall as heroes to all of us. We all can't sit around like "couch potatos" & watch Idol. God Bless our Troops. Thanks, Jake
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See the movie. Applaud. Thank a Soldier.

By CommGuy
Written March 14, 2009
Better categorized as a documentary than a movie, “Brothers at War“ kept a tight grip on my attention from beginning to end. The film follows director Jake Rademacher into Iraq as he seeks to understand not only his two brothers’ experience, but their motivation as soldiers. Jake discovers more than he expected as he takes us into close quarters with the soldiers who do our national leaders’ bidding in an effort to maintain stability in a chaotic world. I was skeptical at the pre-release press, thinking it would be yet another political message from Hollywood - but that’s far from the truth of “Brothers at War“. The movie is an intimate family portrait, and a fine tribute to the sacrifice and dedication of the young men and women who have chosen to serve and defend their country in the Armed Forces. Note to the prudish: *F* Bombs are abundant. I’ve personally spent many years in close contact with soldiers, and the flow of the language is much less vulgar than it is real. Howe
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