Brothers at War Synopsis
Filmmaker Jake Rademacher documents his brothers' experiences as soldiers in Iraq.
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Why should you see this film?

If you are a soldier, were a solider, know a soldier, or married to a solider, then you must see this film! Brothers at War is a phenomenal documentary telling the story of our warriors in Iraq and...

Brothers at War

By rottiedawg
I was excited about seeing this movie after seeing the trailer. I was concerned though it was going to be another biased approach to the war and try to send out some political message. I was glad to...

Brothers At War

By Jamt
This is a great film that shows how all family members are affected with a family member away at war. I love the strength from a blended family, all working together & helping each other. The...

Support our Troops

By Angeline1982
Jake Rademacher brings a new type of documentary forward. This is a movie where it brings forth the question "Why are our troops there?" Jake condenses over 400 hours of tape into an hour and a...

See the movie. Applaud. Thank a Soldier.

By CommGuy
Better categorized as a documentary than a movie, “Brothers at War“ kept a tight grip on my attention from beginning to end. The film follows director Jake Rademacher into Iraq as he seeks to...

Great story

By kolimno
I was very optimistic of this movie at first because it is about the war but Brothers at War was a excellent film that really exceeded my expectations. I give it 2 thumbs up and five stars I will go...

deep honest story

By jujujohnson
just saw it tonight, movie is not a high action film, not some glory war film, but a riveting story of the men and women that sacrifice so much, so the rest of us can sit back and enjoy our lattes...

Brother at War

By jtskarda
Remarkable and a reality of the true story without political agendas. A must see!...

Excellent Story

By oorrah_fandango
This is a must see movie for everyone. It is a very interesting and very touching documentary, that shows both the human side of war and the loving relationship between the brothers, without any...

Brothers at War

By rjewertz
I liked the movie. It showed the real war - not the unrealistic sound bites on nightly news. I found it interesting that it showed the bond between the soldiers and the endless hours of waiting and...

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Rated R | For language and a brief war image