• Released
  • August 14, 2015
  • (Limited; Hindi with English subtitles)
  • NR
  • Action/Adventure
Brothers: Blood Against Blood Synopsis
The arrival of ‘Right to Fight’ is announced in India — the biggest international event in mixed martial arts history. Both brothers, at the crossroads of their lives, end up enlisting to fight in this ‘Winner-takes-all’ event.

Movie Reviews


By nidhinahal

More than needed bulk yet very much appreciated.

By jamessante
Personally a fan of 2011's Warrior, I walked into B:BAB with relatively high expectations. Not only were those expectations met... more welcome and much appreciated components were actually offered...


By ithapa50
Didn't you guys find the original story then u make always remakes on Hollywood....

Another copy of hollywood....

By DK1
Another down grade movie, the Hollywood version was way better.....


By ritheshmolothra

Loved it.

By tdiki@aol.com
Guys will like the fight. But it's also sad family story that ladies will like. Loved it. Don't forget to bring tissues when you go see it....

Solid Bollywood melodrama

By vsaharan

Best movie

By aashishbhardwaj2
Best action movie...

AWESOMENESS Personified! !!!

By filmibro
Very very surprised that it actually was a great movie. beautifully written screenplay, with top class cinematography, editing , action choreography, all weaved in tightly with awesome editing....

Brothers - must watch movie

By kalpeshmaru
Very emotional movie and crafty fights. Lot better than I expected from reading fake reviews....

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Rated NR