By keatsgirl
Written March 19, 2010
This is a very well made multi-drama that deserves a good,tough audience. However,they messed it up by putting in way too much female nudity and vivid sex scenes. Totally not needed. Some movie makers are getting smarter,apparently not this crowd.All four lead males and the main supporting male were spot-on in their roles. And I am not even that big a fan of Gere or Snipes. Hawke is golden. Cheadle is one of my favorites in contemporary films anyways...but even an objective fan would say he was wonderful. These men's stories were good material. It is a rough watch that gets your heart and mind churning. SADLY THOUGH, I WOULD NOT BE A CONSCIENTIOUS REVIEWER IF I RECOMMEND SEEING IT: DUE TO PORNOGRAPHY. I wont spend more money on it! . Hope you don't either.
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What is going on?

By notconfused
Written March 10, 2010
If you want to preserve any form of decency left in you stop supporting this filth. When did police corruption, drug dealing, alcoholism, revenge, greed, murder, kidnapping, prostitution, gang violence, divorce, theft, and police brutality become Friday night entertainment? Take this scene for example: "We see various instances of gun violence, including a man gunning down two men in a hallway: one of them, a bullet wound pouring blood from his chest, spits up blood as he lays dying; the other man, blood pouring from a wound in his abdomen, stumbles down a stairwell, leaving a massive trail of blood behind him, falls to his knees and begs for his life, but he's shot about seven times (his blood-covered body shakes with each bullet)." [BLOCKED WEBSITE] Whatever scant hint of a message is left after being subjected to 218 F-words and non-stop blood, gore, and sex is not worth it. Someone has to stand up and say it
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By chubbychick
Written March 10, 2010
If I wanted to watch explicit sex scenes I would rent a porn and I would certainly not bring my teenage kids along to watch!!! The sex scenes are where they put all the "fine detail" in to........the rest of the movie was sooooo disappointing!!! I couldn't wait to see this show because of the cast that was in it and it has potential but man was the ball dropped on this one =( Don't bother!!
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Not my kind of movie At All!

By Peas
Written March 16, 2010
Let me start by saying that my review might not be entirely fair, seeing as I walked out before the movie finished - but I suppose that speaks for itself as well. I would say I stayed for about 1 hr and 45 mins, and if it wasn't for my brother I would have left much sooner. I usually Love a good cop/crime movie...but this was not what I was expecting. It seemed like every second word was F#@$ or Mother F%$#@. There was A lot of violence and all scenes were either very angry, depressing or disturbing - and by disturbing I mean Richard Gere sex scenes with a girl/prostitute half his age talking dirty and perverted...it was just wrong. The story follows 3 different cops, so you are essentially following 3 different stories, and up to the point I left, there was seemingly no connection (yet) between the 3, and nothing of any consequence had really happened - just a lot of cussing, fighting, and street life portrayals.
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By slcskigirl
Written November 11, 2009
Saw at Sundance this year. Not as good as I expected, even though I was excited about the amazing cast. It dragged for me in a few places. It was just OK in my book.
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