Brooklyn RULES

By rrose_selavy
Written May 18, 2007
Excellent coming-of-age in the '80s film centered on the relationship between three inseparable friends whose lives are headed in radically different directions. The backdrop is Brooklyn and Manhattan and the mob wars of the mid '80s that resulted in the ascendence of John Gotti. The great emmy-winning SOPRANOS writer Terence Winter (remember the Pine Barrens episode?) based the screenplay on his experiences growing up in Brooklyn. Scott Caan is his dad all over again as the kid flirting with mob life. Jerry Ferrara shows his acting skills are not limited to being Turtle on Entourage. He plays a good-hearted cheapskate whose idea of a perfect life is to settle down with his fiance and get a steady government job. Freddie Prinz Jr. is totally credible as the upwardly-mobile guy who aspires to take the wider world by the balls, while maintaining his connection to Brooklyn culture and his best buds. Highly recommended
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Brookllyn Rules

By bogey342
Written May 28, 2007
Anyone outside of New York seen this film? Not playing here on 42 screens. Does Baldwin scream at any kids?
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By Beantown Bully
Written May 30, 2007
C'mon people...this movie SUCKED. Freddie Prinze Jr. is the worst tough guy ever to do it. Turtle was alright and Scott Caan who I think is a great tough guy was sub par...the only standout was Baldwin. The dialect was right out of the Sopranos but done very lackluster...I thought the story was good but god damn was the acting pure sh*t.
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Brooklyn Rules

By ginger vegas
Written June 28, 2007
A must see PERIOD!!!!!!
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Very good

By racerxme
Written June 06, 2007
A low budget bronx tale
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