love it!!!!!

By jdjttramda
Written November 18, 2009
penelope cruz is brilliant, terrific and espectcular.... love it!!!!!!
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Broken Embraces

By jettman001
Written January 11, 2010
One of the greastest movies I have seen in a long time. It is a must see movie! I expect to see many awards for this movie. Peneelope Cruz will be an Oscar contender.
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Five Word Review

By pingle2000
Written January 10, 2010
superbe! total Almodovar geniality amazing!
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Broken Embraces

By cleland217
Written January 18, 2010
Cruz and Pedro have made better, but this one is still worth checking out on a rainy afternoon.
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You must be an Almodovar fan

By TonyinSunnyvale
Written December 29, 2009
to truly appreciate this movie. The reenactments of scenes from prior works (Women on the Verge) add a lot of fun to this "movie within a movie within a movie" that Mr. Almodovar loves to employ, or should I say play with (recall movie scenes from Habla con Ella). It's like having a shared experience with the director himself. Although the social value elements are lacking in this piece, compared to other works, this is easily overlooked when compensated by the sheer entertainment value when you realize you were just being smoothly carried through a complicated story told in a very complex way. In the end you can not help but agree that Mr. Almodovar is the BEST director alive today.
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