By Peneflix
Written January 24, 2013
Russell Crowe, sporting the banged “Nero” look, plays the slimy, mendacious, feckless Mayor of New York City, running for re-election; it will take years to erase Crowe’s insipid performance in “Les Miserables” ; gone is the grit of “John Nash” in “A Beautiful Mind”, poignancy of “James Braddock” in “Cinderella Man” or the mettle, dignity of “The Gladiator”. Disguising his Australian accent with a tainted, New Jersey dialect, he squeezes the maximum sleaziness out of his untoward character... The Mayor matches wits with the police commissioner; Jeffrey Wright gives a scintillating performance; the screen simmers with his presence; unfortunately their moments together are too infrequent... TWO & 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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Terrible Language

By fandfg
Written January 27, 2013
The 'F' word was probably used more than any other single word in Broken City; it was way over the top. I don't know any person in real life who uses as many filthy words and often as the people in this movie. It distracted from the movie big time for me! Wahlberg said this in an interview with Piers Morgan: “If I don’t go to mass necessarily every day…I definitely go to church every day,” he said. “That’s how I start my day. I like to get in there for about 15 or 20 minutes — say my prayers.” Really? Does he not know the church's view of foul language? I think he needs to open a Bible while he's in church and read what it says. Don't waste your time or money on this, I wish I hadn't.
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Broken City

By hillking3
Written January 19, 2013
An old fashioned "noirish" thriller that has a few weak spots but is a really solid movie that contains some fine acting, especially by Mark Wahlberg, and absolutely wonderful cinematography. The lighting, the film's design, and the excellent overhead shots make the city a prime character in this movie. The pacing is excellent. There are 3-4 scenes that are, by themselves, worth the price of admission. This isn't the kind of movie that wins awards, or will be lauded by critics looking for deeper intellectual content, but it is the kind that will be enjoyed by the audience. The night we went the audience applauded at the end and it was obvious they thought they had been entertained. It won't be your favorite movie of the year, but you'll remember it fondly, and you won't think you wasted your evening watching it. Go.
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Broken City

By halifax09
Written February 06, 2013
With the sway of humorous funny comments from former police detective turned private investigator vs the current Mayor of New York City. Sometimes during the film corners turn like rippled pages already seen in previous films of the age. However the outcome is yet unexpected as with a Broken City comes Broken People. I would recommend it either on DVD or in Theaters to enjoy how this Broken City is put back together.
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Broken City

By 4myeyezonly
Written January 22, 2013
Very disappointed, boring and all over the place. With so many good actors you would think somebody would have said, "No, this sucks!" Just too much wasted time that lead to weak plots and predictable thrills. When the so call thrill builds up (lame), it leaves you wamdering now the real action is going to take place. Not! A couple of times when I looked around it seemed 40% of the movie goers were asleep. I feel cheated. All the hype for what? This so called movie should have never made it to the big screen. FLOP!
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