Broken English

By film_kid
Written June 10, 2007
One of the most amazing, down to earth, slice-of-life, realistic yet uplifting romantic comedy but so NOT a romantic comedy that I've seen in years!! Director Zoe Cassavetes (daughter of John Cassavetes) certainly has her father's spirit working through her in this film, but she deftly manages to create her own unique voice at the same time. Crafting a movie about love for the love-disfranchised, she neither holds your hand, nor leaves you lost. A perfectly made film that maintains a beautiful rawness, but at the same time has a more hopeful outlook on life than most of her father's work. This film will still punch you in the gut from time to time, but at least it sits with you while you recover.
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broken english

By torrnado
Written July 27, 2007
to say i enjoyed broken english would be an understatement. this movie struck home with me like few others. a bit slow for your average audience, i found it was wonderfully acted, awkward, painful, poignant, sad, realistic, and thankfully not your typical hollywood ending! parker posey is fantastic as a sometimes neurotic, pensive, emotional and desperate woman who feels as though she'll be alone forever. my favorite scenes are the bathtub, the restaurant/desert/bathroom scene and the one where she's finally let it go and decided to have fun despite it all when her and her girlfriend are in paris. one of my top favorite movies!
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A film for those who want not just companionship in life, but want magic with love

By embraceofthedarkness
Written July 17, 2007
A really enjoyable movie with a sense of genuine reality with what can go through the mind of someone who's hopeful yet hopeless at all once with finding love and a sense of self. Parker Posey seriously IS this character; there's no sense that she's merely acting. There's enough quirky humor and a sense of honesty in the film to keep the viewer from ever being drowned in complete sorrow, but this movie never treads where so many romantic movies do. The movie sucked me in from the intro scene and it amazed me how fast the time passed! Great :)
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Sensitive, Engaging and Darkly Humorus

By R. David Stephens
Written June 09, 2007
This is a brilliant debut film for Zoe Cassavetes with an exceptional performance by Parker Posey, rich and multi-layered. The supporting roles are perfectly cast, and the film has a strong emotional impact that makes you think and laugh and feel the pain of disappointment. The film explores the darker areas of romance that most comedies don't dare go near, and yet it culminates with a sense of positive hope and is balanced throughout with intelligence and wit.
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Discovering the Joy of Life

By souldocinla
Written July 08, 2007
If you believe in the magic of love, the synchronicity of fate, and the hope that you can have the love that your heart desires, go see this movie. If you no longer belive in those things, see it repeatedly. This movie is a beautiful portrayal of the belief and longing for love (and life), the fear of it, and the necessity of trusting one's feelings over pretending.
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