Brinke Stevens
Date of Birth
Sep 20, 1954
Birth Place:
San Diego, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Linnea Quigley 3 Scream Queens
2012 Lloyd Kaufman Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas
2012 Linnea Quigley Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas
2011 Linnea Quigley Screaming in High Heels
2007 George Wendt Bryan Loves You
2007 Lloyd Kaufman Bryan Loves You
2007 Lloyd Kaufman Crazy Animal
2006 Brad Dourif The Boneyard Collection
2006 Robert Loggia The Boneyard Collection
2006 George Kennedy The Boneyard Collection
2006 Tippi Hedren The Boneyard Collection
2006 William Smith The Boneyard Collection
2006 Susan Tyrrell The Boneyard Collection
2006 Kevin McCarthy The Boneyard Collection
2006 Barbara Steele The Boneyard Collection
2002 Tom Savini Vicious
2001 James Foley The Frightening
2000 Fred Williamson Submerged
2000 Dennis Weaver Submerged
1999 Robert Carradine The Kid with the X-Ray Eyes
1999 Mary Woronov Mom, Can I Keep Her?
1997 Linnea Quigley Bimbo Movie Bash
1997 Shannon Tweed Bimbo Movie Bash
1997 Adrienne Barbeau Bimbo Movie Bash
1997 Tom Savini Demon Lust
1997 Patty McCormack Mommy II: Mommy's Day
1996 Christopher Lee 100 Years of Horror
1995 Dee Wallace Invisible Mom
1995 Russ Tamblyn Invisible Mom
1995 Stella Stevens Invisible Mom
1995 Cameron Mitchell Jack-O
1995 Linnea Quigley Jack-O
1995 John Carradine Jack-O
1995 Patty McCormack Mommy
1995 Jason Miller Mommy
1993 Linda Fiorentino Acting on Impulse
1993 Isaac Hayes Acting on Impulse
1993 Zelda Rubinstein Acting on Impulse
1993 Mary Woronov Acting on Impulse
1993 Nancy Allen Acting on Impulse
1993 Paul Bartel Acting on Impulse
1993 Robert Quarry Teenage Exorcist
1992 Mary Woronov Invasion of the Scream Queens
1992 George "Buck" Flower Munchie
1992 Dom DeLuise Munchie
1991 Robert Quarry Haunting Fear
1991 Karen Black Haunting Fear
1991 Charles Band Shock Cinema, Vol. 1
1990 Mike Mazurki Mob Boss
1990 William Hickey Mob Boss
1990 Stuart Whitman Mob Boss
1990 Dick Miller Mob Boss
1990 Robert Quarry Spirits
1990 Carol Lynley Spirits
1989 Yaphet Kotto The Jigsaw Murders
1989 Michelle Johnson The Jigsaw Murders
1989 Steve Franken Transylvania Twist
1989 Robert Vaughn Transylvania Twist
1989 Howard Morris Transylvania Twist
1988 Brooke Shields Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Vincent Price Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Jack Nicholson Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Dennis Hopper Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Michael Landon Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Steve McQueen Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Peter Cushing Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Bela Lugosi Monsters and Maniacs
1988 Boris Karloff Monsters and Maniacs
1988 "Weird Al" Yankovic The Naked Gun
1988 Lawrence Tierney The Naked Gun
1988 John Houseman The Naked Gun
1988 Nancy Marchand The Naked Gun
1988 George Kennedy The Naked Gun
1988 Leslie Nielsen The Naked Gun
1988 Ricardo Montalban The Naked Gun
1988 O.J. Simpson The Naked Gun
1988 Robert Quarry Warlords
1988 David Carradine Warlords
1987 Linnea Quigley Nightmare Sisters
1987 Linnea Quigley Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
1987 George "Buck" Flower Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
1986 Virginia Gregg Psycho III
1986 Jeff Fahey Psycho III
1986 Lee Garlington Psycho III
1986 Diana Scarwid Psycho III
1986 Anthony Perkins Psycho III
1986 Steve Martin Three Amigos!
1986 Randy Newman Three Amigos!
1986 Phil Hartman Three Amigos!
1986 Alfonso Arau Three Amigos!
1986 Joe Mantegna Three Amigos!
1986 Martin Short Three Amigos!
1986 Chevy Chase Three Amigos!
1986 Jon Lovitz Three Amigos!
1985 Les Tremayne Attack of the B-Movie Monster
1985 Kenneth Tobey Attack of the B-Movie Monster
1984 Melanie Griffith Body Double
1984 Craig Wasson Body Double
1984 Dennis Franz Body Double
1984 Sally Kirkland Fatal Games
1984 Linnea Quigley Fatal Games
1984 Bruno Kirby This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Patrick Macnee This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Paul Benedict This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Ed Begley, Jr. This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Anjelica Huston This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Michael McKean This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Fred Willard This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Billy Crystal This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Christopher Guest This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Howard Hesseman This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Rob Reiner This Is Spinal Tap
1984 Harry Shearer This Is Spinal Tap
1983 Miguel Ferrer The Man Who Wasn't There
1983 William Forsythe The Man Who Wasn't There
1983 Jeffrey Tambor The Man Who Wasn't There
1983 Steve Guttenberg The Man Who Wasn't There
1983 Ray Walston Private School
1983 Martin Mull Private School
1983 Fran Ryan Private School
1983 Matthew Modine Private School
1983 Phoebe Cates Private School
1982 Joe Dante The Slumber Party Massacre
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