Bridget Moynahan
Date of Birth
Sep 21, 1972
Birth Place:
Binghamton, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2017 Keanu Reeves John Wick 2
2017 Peter Stormare John Wick 2
2017 John Leguizamo John Wick 2
2017 Ian McShane John Wick 2
2014 Ian McShane John Wick
2014 Willem Dafoe John Wick
2014 Keanu Reeves John Wick
2014 Goran Visnjic Midnight Sun
2014 Christopher Meloni Small Time
2012 Tom Selleck Blue Bloods: Season 03
2011 Aaron Eckhart Battle: Los Angeles
2011 Tom Selleck Blue Bloods: Season 02
2010 Tom Selleck Blue Bloods [TV Series]
2010 Tom Selleck Blue Bloods: Season 01
2010 Donnelly Rhodes Ramona and Beezus
2010 Sandra Oh Ramona and Beezus
2010 Peter Weller Shikar The Lion
2007 Tim Robbins Noise
2007 William Baldwin Noise
2007 William Hurt Noise
2007 Peter Weller Prey
2006 Heather Graham Gray Matters
2006 Alan Cumming Gray Matters
2006 Molly Shannon Gray Matters
2006 Sissy Spacek Gray Matters
2006 Campbell Scott Six Degrees [TV Series]
2006 Hope Davis Six Degrees [TV Series]
2006 Jeremy Sisto Unknown
2006 Joe Pantoliano Unknown
2006 Peter Stormare Unknown
2006 James Caviezel Unknown
2006 Barry Pepper Unknown
2006 Greg Kinnear Unknown
2005 Nicolas Cage Lord of War
2005 Ethan Hawke Lord of War
2005 Ian Holm Lord of War
2004 Shia LaBeouf I, Robot
2004 Will Smith I, Robot
2004 Bruce Greenwood I, Robot
2004 James Cromwell I, Robot
2003 Colin Farrell The Recruit
2003 Al Pacino The Recruit
2002 Ron Rifkin The Sum of All Fears
2002 James Cromwell The Sum of All Fears
2002 Morgan Freeman The Sum of All Fears
2002 Liev Schreiber The Sum of All Fears
2002 Ciarán Hinds The Sum of All Fears
2002 Philip Baker Hall The Sum of All Fears
2002 Alan Bates The Sum of All Fears
2002 Ben Affleck The Sum of All Fears
2001 John Cusack Serendipity
2001 Kate Beckinsale Serendipity
2001 Eugene Levy Serendipity
2001 Molly Shannon Serendipity
2000 Melanie Lynskey Coyote Ugly
2000 Maria Bello Coyote Ugly
2000 John Goodman Coyote Ugly
2000 Molly Ringwald In The Weeds
2000 Peter Riegert In The Weeds
2000 Eric Bogosian In The Weeds
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