Bride Wars Synopsis
Weddings scheduled the same day turn best friends (Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway) into enemies.
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By PumpkinPie731
Misogyny, in the guise of entertainment. Women degrading themselves, void of self-respect or common decency, setting out to destroy each other over a silly wedding date, playing out the worst of the...

Bridezilla at it's best

By pittsburghs
I just saw the movie about an hour ago. I found it a funny film. If you ever seen Bridezilla this movie nails it. Women are crazy when it comes to their special day. They do not care who they hurt in...

Bride Wars

By Sarbear87
I must say this movie was an ADORABLE "best friends" movie. Lots of laughs and tears of happiness. LOVED IT!...

Bride Wars

By mothra4522
I loved it..I laughed..I cried..Not a Chick Flick..Guys would enjoy it too. Laugh out loud comedy. Go See It..Don't OVER-ANALYZE like the Critics who need to justify their jobs..Just Enjoy this Feel...

An emphatic yes!

By orcsoul
I ate a hotdog last night....

Ladies, see this movie with your best friend

By Krista0221
Very enjoyable! This is a very funny movie but more focused on the relationship of best "girlfriends" than about weddings. The ultimate chick flick for a perfect Saturday with your best friend after...

Bride wars (Take 4)

By uleij
Was a funny comedy, ha ha ha but just not original. I felt as if, I had already seen the movie before while watching it. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway were great but movie overall boring laugh....

Don't believe the critics' reviews

By sunbunnykjl03
So I saw this movie last night, despite all the bad reviews from everybody, and I ended up really enjoying the movie. I thought it was hilarious, touching at times, and in the end came to a very...

Worth it, but not worth it.

By glxy2
In real life, not Kate Hudson's little world, two friends getting married on the same day would enter a joint ceremony. But not in Bride Wars, because that would have cut this 88 minute flop into a...

written by a boy

By messi453
never would have i seen this movie but it so happens that i went to the movies and paul blart was sold out so i saw this movie let me tell u its a funny movie sure its a girl movie and it has...

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Rated PG | For suggestive content, language and some rude behavior
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Common Sense Media says Wedding comedy amuses but has inconsistent messages.
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