• Released
  • June 10, 2011
  • (Limited 6/10)
  • R , 2 hr 10 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Enjoy the Flight

By nahum24
Written April 27, 2011
This movie revolves around 3 women and 1 man who meet on a flight in tthe early 50's from the Netherlands to New Zealand. They all are emigrating spurred by horrific floods and terriblre economic hardship in the Netherlands. The sagas of these 4 become intertwined in fascinating and unusual ways. Always compelling,at times poignant, at times agonizing,at times uplifting, the movie artfully follows the different ,but conjoined stories of the fully photogenic actors. Moviegoers , I think, will uniformly find the adventure intriguing ,captivating and most satisfying.
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By wwwwwwwwwwwwww
Written April 29, 2011
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By KEverdeen
Written June 12, 2011
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No pun, Flies under the Radar

By Juleinnyatthemovies
Written June 26, 2011
This is a historically based, beautiful love story. The characters are strongly intertwined and move from present day to past throughout the movie. The acting was superb, the scenes were strong. Worth the price of a NYC movie ticket. Super scenery. Well, done. Not a chick flick. Wonderful. Please do go.
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Bride Flight review

By the common man
Written June 24, 2011
they seldom make movies like this anymore
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