What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Brick Mansions is an American remake of the 2004 French action film District B13; both films highlight the sport/discipline known as parkour (moving efficiently through an environment using your body). Violence includes plenty of fighting and shooting, though for the most part it feels cartoonishly over the top and is light on blood. But minor characters do die, and a female character is shown in situations of menace or peril. Women are also shown wearing sexy outfits, though there's no nudity. Language includes the occasional use of "s--t," the "N" word, and "a--hole." A supporting character is a drug dealer, and great quantities of drugs (either cocaine or heroin) are shown. There's also some minor drinking and smoking. Star Paul Walker died in a car crash before release, and the movie is dedicated to him.
  • Families can talk about Brick Mansions' violence. Did the characters ever seem to be in real danger? Would you have preferred more martial arts and fewer guns? How does the impact of what you see here compare to the kind of violence in a superhero movie? How about a horror movie?
  • Both of the main characters do what they do partly motivated by revenge. Why is revenge so powerful? Is it ever worth pursuing? Does it solve anything?
  • Is David Belle a role model in real life? What about his character in the movie? What does the character do that you wouldn't want to copy?
  • What do you think of the idea of the government sealing off an undesirable neighborhood? Can you think of any real-life events that are similar?
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