What parents need to know

Parents need to know that although this powerful, thought-provoking drama -- which isn't too likely to be on teens' radar -- doesn't have much in the way of graphic nudity, swearing, or violence, it's fairly adult when it comes to its themes. It explores infidelity, terrorism, prejudice, arranged marriages, the immigrant experience, and tenuous parent-child relationships. It's unflinching in its portrayals of these issues, and their reality can be harsh.
  • Families can talk about complicated parent-child relationships. Did any of the scenes in the movie resonate? How do relationships change as children get older and become more independent? Families can also discuss some of the issues that the movie deals with. What do teens think about the idea of arranged marriage? How does their view compare to the one presented in the movie? Can you think of other movies that offer close-up looks at worlds as specific and -- to Western minds, anyway -- unusual as the one here? Are Nazneen's decisions believable?
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