Noir with a Twist

By donahdudes
Written April 29, 2007
Want something outside the mainstream? Want a movie that is intelligent? dark? Tells a story with style? Then be sure to check-out Brick! I wouldn't take any young children, but for teens or adults who don't just want to sit-back and be entertained but like movies with a creative bent that make you think you should really check this out.
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By Drez_Digital
Written February 13, 2010
Dark drama which follows the mystery surrounding the death of a high school girl.
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Absolutely brilliant...

Written April 06, 2011
....but,admittedly,I had to see it a second time with subtitles to really get all the dialogue. Can't believe more haven't seen and reviewed this movie. Levitt is sooo intense. I just love him!
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By deselby86
Written March 10, 2013
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