Brian Williams

Worked With

Year Name Title
1995 David Warner Danielle Steel's 'Zoya'
1995 Jennifer Garner Danielle Steel's 'Zoya'
1995 Diana Rigg Danielle Steel's 'Zoya'
1995 Henderson Forsythe Danielle Steel's 'Zoya'
1995 Tom Laughlin Danielle Steel's 'Zoya'
1994 Tovah Feldshuh Law & Order: Golden Years
1992 Nancy Marchand Law & Order: Blood Is Thicker...
1991 Robert Prosky Age Isn't Everything
1991 Jonathan Silverman Age Isn't Everything
1991 Rita Moreno Age Isn't Everything
1991 Stephen Elliott Law & Order: The Secret Sharers
1991 J.D. Cannon Law & Order: The Secret Sharers
1991 R. Lee Ermey Toy Soldiers
1991 Sean Astin Toy Soldiers
1991 Mason Adams Toy Soldiers
1991 Jerry Orbach Toy Soldiers
1991 Louis Gossett, Jr. Toy Soldiers
1991 Denholm Elliott Toy Soldiers
1990 Ally Sheedy The Lost Capone
1990 Dominic Chianese The Lost Capone
1990 Eric Roberts The Lost Capone
1976 Burl Ives Baker's Hawk
1976 Alan Young Baker's Hawk
1976 Clint Walker Baker's Hawk
1976 Diane Baker Baker's Hawk
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