Brian Thompson

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Jason Connery Dragonquest
2001 Charlton Heston The Order
2001 Jean-Claude Van Damme The Order
2001 Ben Cross The Order
2000 Craig Wasson Epoch
2000 David Keith Epoch
2000 Ryan O'Neal Epoch
2000 Derek Jacobi Jason and the Argonauts
2000 Frank Langella Jason and the Argonauts
2000 Dennis Hopper Jason and the Argonauts
2000 Olivia Williams Jason and the Argonauts
2000 Ciarán Hinds Jason and the Argonauts
1998 Vincent Schiavelli Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Innocence
1998 Vincent Schiavelli Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Surprise
1998 Mos Def NYPD Blue: Czech Bouncer
1997 Seth Green Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Welcome to the Hellmouth
1996 Pete Postlethwaite Dragonheart
1996 Sean Connery Dragonheart
1996 David Thewlis Dragonheart
1996 Dennis Quaid Dragonheart
1996 Jason Isaacs Dragonheart
1996 John Gielgud Dragonheart
1996 Julie Christie Dragonheart
1996 Clarence Williams III Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: To the Death
1996 Jeffrey Combs Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: To the Death
1994 James Doohan Star Trek Generations
1994 Jonathan Frakes Star Trek Generations
1994 Whoopi Goldberg Star Trek Generations
1994 LeVar Burton Star Trek Generations
1994 Patrick Stewart Star Trek Generations
1994 William Shatner Star Trek Generations
1994 Malcolm McDowell Star Trek Generations
1993 Wallace Shawn Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rules of Acquisition
1993 Martin Mull Ted and Venus
1993 Rhea Perlman Ted and Venus
1993 Bud Cort Ted and Venus
1993 Vincent Schiavelli Ted and Venus
1993 James Brolin Ted and Venus
1993 Woody Harrelson Ted and Venus
1993 Dr. Timothy Leary Ted and Venus
1993 Gena Rowlands Ted and Venus
1993 Carol Kane Ted and Venus
1992 Jeffrey Combs Doctor Mordrid
1991 Jeffrey Tambor Life Stinks
1991 Howard Morris Life Stinks
1991 Lesley Ann Warren Life Stinks
1991 Billy Barty Life Stinks
1991 Mel Brooks Life Stinks
1990 Yaphet Kotto After the Shock
1990 Oliver Reed Hired to Kill
1990 George Kennedy Hired to Kill
1990 José Ferrer Hired to Kill
1990 Jean-Claude Van Damme Lionheart
1990 Lawrence Bender Lionheart
1990 Malcolm McDowell Moon 44
1990 Roscoe Lee Browne Moon 44
1990 Lisa Eichhorn Moon 44
1990 Michael Paré Moon 44
1989 Shannon Tweed In the Cold of the Night
1989 Tippi Hedren In the Cold of the Night
1989 Mykelti Williamson Miracle Mile
1989 Mare Winningham Miracle Mile
1989 Raphael Sbarge Miracle Mile
1989 Robert DoQui Miracle Mile
1989 Anthony Edwards Miracle Mile
1989 Denise Crosby Miracle Mile
1989 Peter Berg Miracle Mile
1988 James Caan Alien Nation
1988 Terence Stamp Alien Nation
1988 Mandy Patinkin Alien Nation
1988 Julie Carmen Fright Night Part 2
1988 Roddy McDowall Fright Night Part 2
1988 Logan Ramsey Pass the Ammo
1988 Bill Paxton Pass the Ammo
1988 Annie Potts Pass the Ammo
1988 Robert John Burke Pass the Ammo
1988 Tim Curry Pass the Ammo
1987 David Dukes Catch the Heat
1987 Rod Steiger Catch the Heat
1987 Russ Tamblyn Commando Squad
1987 Mel Welles Commando Squad
1987 William Smith Commando Squad
1987 Marie Windsor Commando Squad
1987 Robert Quarry Commando Squad
1987 Jack Starrett Nightwish
1987 James Noble You Talkin' to Me?
1987 Alan King You Talkin' to Me?
1987 Mykelti Williamson You Talkin' to Me?
1986 Art La Fleur Cobra
1986 Lee Garlington Cobra
1986 Andrew Robinson Cobra
1986 Brigitte Nielsen Cobra
1986 Sylvester Stallone Cobra
1986 Jon Lovitz Three Amigos!
1986 Joe Mantegna Three Amigos!
1986 Chevy Chase Three Amigos!
1986 Martin Short Three Amigos!
1986 Randy Newman Three Amigos!
1986 Alfonso Arau Three Amigos!
1986 Steve Martin Three Amigos!
1986 Phil Hartman Three Amigos!
1985 Cybill Shepherd Moonlighting
1985 Bruce Willis Moonlighting
1984 Eva Marie Saint Fatal Vision
1984 Albert Salmi Fatal Vision
1984 Karl Malden Fatal Vision
1984 Gary Cole [act] Fatal Vision
1984 Barry Corbin Fatal Vision
1984 Andy Griffith Fatal Vision
1984 Linda Hamilton The Terminator
1984 Lance Henriksen The Terminator
1984 Michael Biehn The Terminator
1984 David Hyde Pierce The Terminator
1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator
1984 Paul Winfield The Terminator
1984 Dick Miller The Terminator
1984 Rick Rossovich The Terminator
1984 Bill Paxton The Terminator
1983 Nicole Kidman Bush Christmas
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