Brian Markinson

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Ken Watanabe Godzilla
2014 David Strathairn Godzilla
2014 Juliette Binoche Godzilla
2010 Halle Berry Frankie & Alice
2010 Stellan Skarsgård Frankie & Alice
2008 Michelle Pfeiffer Personal Effects
2008 Kathy Bates Personal Effects
2007 Julia Roberts Charlie Wilson's War
2007 Tom Hanks Charlie Wilson's War
2007 Om Puri Charlie Wilson's War
2007 Philip Seymour Hoffman Charlie Wilson's War
2007 Ned Beatty Charlie Wilson's War
2006 Jeff Daniels RV
2006 Robin Williams RV
2006 Barry Sonnenfeld RV
2005 Ted Danson Knights of the South Bronx
2004 Randy Quaid Category 6: Day of Destruction
2004 Dianne Wiest Category 6: Day of Destruction
2004 Brian Dennehy Category 6: Day of Destruction
2004 Juliette Lewis Chasing Freedom
2004 Jacqueline Bisset The Survivors Club
2004 Pruitt Taylor Vince Touching Evil [TV Series]
2004 Zeljko Ivanek Touching Evil [TV Series]
2003 Mary-Louise Parker Angels in America
2003 Al Pacino Angels in America
2003 James Cromwell Angels in America
2003 Michael Gambon Angels in America
2003 Emma Thompson Angels in America
2003 Meryl Streep Angels in America
2003 Simon Callow Angels in America
2003 Jeffrey Wright Angels in America
2003 Mandy Patinkin NTSB: The Crash of Flight 323
2002 Oliver Platt Liberty Stands Still
2002 Wesley Snipes Liberty Stands Still
2002 Linda Fiorentino Liberty Stands Still
2002 Hart Bochner Liberty Stands Still
2001 Dan Aykroyd The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 Woody Allen The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 Helen Hunt The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 Charlize Theron The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 Wallace Shawn The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 David Ogden Stiers The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2001 John Savage Dark Angel: Season 02
2001 Graham Jarvis The Sports Pages
2001 Kelsey Grammer The Sports Pages
2001 Eugene Levy The Sports Pages
2001 Bob Newhart The Sports Pages
2001 Ving Rhames UC: Undercover [TV Series]
2001 William Forsythe UC: Undercover [TV Series]
1999 Sean Penn Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Woody Allen Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Uma Thurman Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Samantha Morton Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Anthony LaPaglia Sweet and Lowdown
1999 John Waters Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Brad Garrett Sweet and Lowdown
1999 Kristin Davis Take Me Home: The John Denver Story
1998 Jeff Fahey On the Line
1998 Linda Hamilton On the Line
1998 Diane Ladd Primary Colors
1998 Robert Klein Primary Colors
1998 Caroline Aaron Primary Colors
1998 Kathy Bates Primary Colors
1998 Larry Hagman Primary Colors
1998 Rob Reiner Primary Colors
1998 Mykelti Williamson Primary Colors
1998 John Travolta Primary Colors
1998 Maura Tierney Primary Colors
1998 Billy Bob Thornton Primary Colors
1998 Allison Janney Primary Colors
1998 Tony Shalhoub Primary Colors
1998 Emma Thompson Primary Colors
1997 Louise Fletcher Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In The Cards
1997 Jeffrey Combs Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In The Cards
1996 Robert Redford Up Close & Personal
1996 Michelle Pfeiffer Up Close & Personal
1996 Noble Willingham Up Close & Personal
1996 Stockard Channing Up Close & Personal
1996 Kate Nelligan Up Close & Personal
1996 Joe Mantegna Up Close & Personal
1995 Ed Harris Apollo 13
1995 Bill Paxton Apollo 13
1995 Kevin Bacon Apollo 13
1995 Clint Howard Apollo 13
1995 Roger Corman Apollo 13
1995 Kathleen Quinlan Apollo 13
1995 Gary Sinise Apollo 13
1995 Tom Hanks Apollo 13
1994 Michael Rooker The Hard Truth
1994 Eric Roberts The Hard Truth
1994 Mary Kay Place In the Line of Duty: The Price of Vengeance
1994 Dean Stockwell In the Line of Duty: The Price of Vengeance
1994 Parker Posey Mixed Nuts
1994 Steven Wright Mixed Nuts
1994 Haley Joel Osment Mixed Nuts
1994 Liev Schreiber Mixed Nuts
1994 Adam Sandler Mixed Nuts
1994 Garry Shandling Mixed Nuts
1994 Steve Martin Mixed Nuts
1994 Rob Reiner Mixed Nuts
1994 Rita Wilson Mixed Nuts
1994 Anthony LaPaglia Mixed Nuts
1994 Madeline Kahn Mixed Nuts
1994 Robert Klein Mixed Nuts
1994 Caroline Aaron Mixed Nuts
1994 Mary Gross Mixed Nuts
1994 Juliette Lewis Mixed Nuts
1994 Paul Sorvino Star Trek: The Next Generation: Homeward
1994 Sean Young Witness to the Execution
1994 Dee Wallace Witness to the Execution
1994 Tim Daly Witness to the Execution
1994 David Hyde Pierce Wolf
1994 Richard Jenkins Wolf
1994 Prunella Scales Wolf
1994 James Spader Wolf
1994 Eileen Atkins Wolf
1994 Ron Rifkin Wolf
1994 Om Puri Wolf
1994 Christopher Plummer Wolf
1994 Kate Nelligan Wolf
1994 David Schwimmer Wolf
1994 Michelle Pfeiffer Wolf
1994 Madhur Jaffrey Wolf
1994 Jack Nicholson Wolf
1994 Allison Janney Wolf
1994 Juliet Taylor Wolf
1993 Joyce Van Patten Law & Order: Extended Family
1992 Dennis Hopper Nails
1992 Keith David Nails
1992 Anne Archer Nails
1992 Gina Gershon Sinatra
1992 Jeff Corey Sinatra
1992 Olympia Dukakis Sinatra
1992 Bob Gunton Sinatra
1992 Rod Steiger Sinatra
1992 Marcia Gay Harden Sinatra
1992 Stephen Collins Till Murder Do Us Part
1992 Meredith Baxter Till Murder Do Us Part
1992 Michelle Johnson Till Murder Do Us Part
1992 Stephen Root Till Murder Do Us Part
1991 Bill Macy The Doctor
1991 Zakes Mokae The Doctor
1991 Lynn Stalmaster The Doctor
1991 Elizabeth Perkins The Doctor
1991 Mandy Patinkin The Doctor
1991 Adam Arkin The Doctor
1991 Wendy Crewson The Doctor
1991 Christine Lahti The Doctor
1991 William Hurt The Doctor
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