Brian Haley

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Jennifer Ehle The Adjustment Bureau
2011 Anthony Mackie The Adjustment Bureau
2011 Matt Damon The Adjustment Bureau
2011 Terence Stamp The Adjustment Bureau
2008 Clint Eastwood Gran Torino
1998 Shirley Knight Maggie Winters [TV Series]
1997 Tommy Chong McHale's Navy
1997 Ernest Borgnine McHale's Navy
1997 Dean Stockwell McHale's Navy
1997 Debra Messing McHale's Navy
1997 Bruce Campbell McHale's Navy
1997 David Alan Grier McHale's Navy
1997 Tom Arnold McHale's Navy
1997 Tim Curry McHale's Navy
1996 Christina Applegate Mars Attacks!
1996 Joe Don Baker Mars Attacks!
1996 Annette Bening Mars Attacks!
1996 Natalie Portman Mars Attacks!
1996 Jack Nicholson Mars Attacks!
1996 Barbet Schroeder Mars Attacks!
1996 Danny DeVito Mars Attacks!
1996 Michael J. Fox Mars Attacks!
1996 Pierce Brosnan Mars Attacks!
1996 Glenn Close Mars Attacks!
1996 Pam Grier Mars Attacks!
1996 Lukas Haas Mars Attacks!
1996 Jack Black Mars Attacks!
1996 Jim Brown Mars Attacks!
1996 Sarah Jessica Parker Mars Attacks!
1996 Rod Steiger Mars Attacks!
1996 Paul Winfield Mars Attacks!
1996 Martin Short Mars Attacks!
1996 Sylvia Sidney Mars Attacks!
1996 Jerzy Skolimowski Mars Attacks!
1996 Michael McKean That Darn Cat
1996 Peter Boyle That Darn Cat
1996 Dean Jones That Darn Cat
1996 George Dzundza That Darn Cat
1996 Bess Armstrong That Darn Cat
1996 Christina Ricci That Darn Cat
1996 John Ratzenberger That Darn Cat
1996 Dyan Cannon That Darn Cat
1996 Estelle Parsons That Darn Cat
1995 Steven Weber Wings: Season 07
1995 Tony Shalhoub Wings: Season 07
1995 Tim Daly Wings: Season 07
1995 Edward Herrmann Wings: So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong
1994 Eddie Bracken Baby's Day Out
1994 Lara Flynn Boyle Baby's Day Out
1994 Cynthia Nixon Baby's Day Out
1994 Joe Mantegna Baby's Day Out
1994 Fred Dalton Thompson Baby's Day Out
1994 Joe Pantoliano Baby's Day Out
1994 Ed O'Neill Little Giants
1994 Rick Moranis Little Giants
1994 Harry Shearer Little Giants
1992 Michael Paré Into the Sun
1992 Anthony Michael Hall Into the Sun
1989 Audrey Hepburn Always
1989 Roberts Blossom Always
1989 Keith David Always
1989 Marg Helgenberger Always
1989 Richard Dreyfuss Always
1989 Holly Hunter Always
1989 John Goodman Always
1988 Kevin J. O'Connor The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
1988 Eric Bogosian The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
1988 Peter Gallagher The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
1988 Brad Davis The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
1988 Jeff Daniels The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
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