Brett King
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1919

Worked With

Year Name Title
1958 John Mitchum Dragnet: The Big Eyes
1957 Greta Granstedt Dragnet: The Big Make
1957 William Benedict Dragnet: The Big Make
1957 Joey Ray Dragnet: The Big Make
1956 Robert Vaughn Gunsmoke: Cooter
1956 Strother Martin Gunsmoke: Cooter
1954 Rory Mallinson Jesse James vs. the Daltons
1951 Joey Ray According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Frank Jaquet According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 James Flavin According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Spring Byington According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Rory Mallinson According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Wilbur Mack According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Anthony Caruso According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Harry Lauter According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951 Gail Davis Flying Leathernecks
1951 James Dobson Flying Leathernecks
1951 William Harrigan Flying Leathernecks
1951 Don Taylor Flying Leathernecks
1951 Harry Lauter Flying Leathernecks
1951 James Flavin Flying Leathernecks
1951 Jay C. Flippen Flying Leathernecks
1951 Harlan Warde Flying Leathernecks
1951 Robert Ryan Flying Leathernecks
1951 Keith Larsen Flying Leathernecks
1951 Milburn Stone Flying Leathernecks
1951 Lynn Stalmaster Flying Leathernecks
1951 John Wayne Flying Leathernecks
1951 Janis Carter Flying Leathernecks
1951 Gail Davis Operation Pacific
1951 Milburn Stone Operation Pacific
1951 Ward Bond Operation Pacific
1951 James Flavin Operation Pacific
1951 Harlan Warde Operation Pacific
1951 Philip Carey Operation Pacific
1951 Keith Larsen Operation Pacific
1951 Harry Lauter Operation Pacific
1951 Richard Loo Operation Pacific
1951 Patricia Neal Operation Pacific
1951 John Wayne Operation Pacific
1951 Martin Milner Operation Pacific
1951 Bette Davis Payment on Demand
1951 Natalie Schafer Payment on Demand
1951 Kent Taylor Payment on Demand
1951 Barry Sullivan Payment on Demand
1951 Ruth Lee Payment on Demand
1951 Otto Kruger Payment on Demand
1951 Frances Dee Payment on Demand
1951 Richard Anderson Payment on Demand
1951 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Purple Heart Diary
1951 Harry Guardino Purple Heart Diary
1951 Frances Langford Purple Heart Diary
1951 Rory Mallinson Purple Heart Diary
1951 Lyle Talbot Purple Heart Diary
1951 Mike Lally The Racket
1951 Max Wagner The Racket
1951 Ray Collins The Racket
1951 William Conrad The Racket
1951 Robert Ryan The Racket
1951 William Talman The Racket
1951 Don Porter The Racket
1951 Lizabeth Scott The Racket
1951 Ralph Peters The Racket
1951 Robert Mitchum The Racket
1951 Eddie Parker The Racket
1951 Joey Ray The Racket
1951 Herb Vigran The Racket
1951 Les Tremayne The Racket
1951 Milburn Stone The Racket
1951 Don Beddoe The Racket
1951 Harry Lauter The Racket
1951 William "Bill" Phillips A Yank in Korea
1950 Mary Field Father Makes Good
1950 Walter Catlett Father Makes Good
1950 Barbara Brown Father Makes Good
1950 Hal Price Father Makes Good
1950 Raymond Walburn Father Makes Good
1950 Nolan Leary Side Street
1950 Don Haggerty Side Street
1950 Paul Harvey Side Street
1950 Jean Hagen Side Street
1950 Alberto Morin Side Street
1950 William H. Ruhl Side Street
1950 Charles McGraw Side Street
1950 Norman Leavitt Side Street
1950 George Lynn Side Street
1950 Ben Cooper Side Street
1950 James Craig Side Street
1950 Minerva Urecal Side Street
1950 Herb Vigran Side Street
1950 Farley Granger Side Street
1950 Ruth Warren Side Street
1950 Paul Kelly Side Street
1950 Robert Shayne State Penitentiary
1950 John Hart State Penitentiary
1950 Karin [Katharine] Booth State Penitentiary
1950 Warner Baxter State Penitentiary
1950 William Fawcett State Penitentiary
1949 James Whitmore Battleground
1949 Denise Darcel Battleground
1949 James Arness Battleground
1949 Don Taylor Battleground
1949 Douglas Fowley Battleground
1949 Marshall Thompson Battleground
1949 Scotty Beckett Battleground
1949 Richard Jaeckel Battleground
1949 George Murphy Battleground
1949 Ricardo Montalban Battleground
1949 Leon Ames Battleground
1949 John Hodiak Battleground
1949 Van Johnson Battleground
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