Breaking and Entering Synopsis
A landscape architect (Jude Law) enters into an affair with a Bosnian refugee (Juliette Binoche).
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Breaking and Entering

By gadabout
The film is worth it. Jude Law plays a London architect who happens to cheat on his longtime girlfriend Robin Wright Penn. But it wasn't out of pure sex, he did it because in need of intimacy. If you...

Great movie

By waynewrightjohnson
very interesting plot and the acting was great....

good character development

By coquine
the story is simple enough that the characters actually have a chance to develop well, and the actors do such a great job. i really enjoyed how it explored interpersonal relationships, and there are...

Breaking & Entering

By filmjunckie
I love it! Don't miss it!...

My First Screenplay?

By allmoviedotcomaddict
While beautifully shot and well acted, an immature script ultimately brings this movie down. The characters are thin and seem to exist only to prove several overly-obvious lessons on class conflict...

What the ???

By aderasol
Come on now. I think this is a pretty poor excuse for a movie. Could Jude Law be any more ingenuous? Waste of talent and no empathy for the characters except the hooker. Don't bother....

Breaking and Entering

By sgatsik
OK, not great. Good to a point but then a weak ending. Jude Law seems to be playing Jude Law, not a character. Juliette Binoche was good and believable. Robin Wright Penn looks like the only...

LOVED! Breaking and Entering

By amarknyc
It's a terrific, interesting, reasonably exciting, at times pretty funny, but, overall a worthwhile endeavor. I'll admit that some of the male speakers were hard for this NYC-guy to comprhend...but,...

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Rated R | For sexuality and language