A great movie...

Written May 08, 2007
I felt like I was watching actual footage of what happened. Very well done. The only thing I found far-fetched was how this highly trained spy, was duped by some punk intel-analyst when he had taken down so many hard-core russian spies, etc. Unless this is what happened in real life, I found it very hard to believe. There were questions that I would have asked as a civilian that aroused my suspicion, but this trained FBI agent didn't even think to ask basic questions like what are you doing praying in my office. Why are you so anxious for me to leave and get my picture taken? And that story about stopping at the Catholic bookstore was such and obvious load of crap, I couldn;t believe he fell for it. Overall, though it was excellent. Most of what he accused the Gov't of was true. Good flick.
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By The_G_Man
Written February 18, 2007
This movie was very boring. The whole time I was waiting for the movie to start getting exciting, but it never did. Also, guns were barely involved. Who has ever heard of a spy movie that doesn't involve guns? This movie was a giant letdown. I was expecting it to be exciting, but I almost fell asleep. Most of the time the characters were just sitting around and talking. If you want that, you should just watch the history channel. There is almost no action in the whole movie. Do not see this movie, it is a big waste of time and money!
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By mgray
Written April 25, 2007
Boring first hour or so and then a bit better.
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By clr22182
Written February 20, 2007
A dark suspenseful thriller. I was exhausted afterward, but thrilled with the outcome and fascinated that the general story is true! It helps that I coincidently drove by the sight of the "sting" during the filming of the "sting" scene and was perplexed by the fake snow which didn't seem fake in the movie. Now I understand what I saw then! It's only a couple of miles from where I live! CLR
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By snow_1234
Written February 26, 2007
Breach was thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved Ryan Phillippe in this movie!!
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