My all-time favorite movie

By rhood14
Written August 29, 2013
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By gladiator 12
Written June 18, 2015
One of the best movies of the 20th century next to Die Hard, The Godfather, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, First Blood and Leathel Weapon 2.
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By tavfam
Written April 02, 2008
classic, loved the midnight showing
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Five Word Review

Written November 21, 2009
One of the best ever
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Moving Touching Action Adventure Mel Gibsons best

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written July 30, 2009
This Midevil battle drama was the dawn of a new style of battle which inspired many others. Mel Gibson the main actor gave an oscar worthy performance as william wallace. I found the drama breathtaking the action for its time was very real and on the edge of your seat the script of this English, Scottish war epic should have rewarded the director Mel Gibson also no surprise with an award among the films other commodities. Mel's performance has you rooting for him the whole way as the famous quote is stated freeeeedooooom! This film is a must see depending on the parents im not sure its for children to see even though I watched it at 5. But I rank this as one of my favorites and think everyone should see this film. The drama is phenominal it has you in tears. I highly recommend this film. Its fantastic and a classic.
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