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Brave? You'll have to be if you have kids.

By nrthrndncr
Written June 24, 2012
Everything else was beautifully done. A Pixar Animation delight has again been made public with (arrrggh) "Brave". Zeroing in on the broad picture.... Once again, though, Hollywood is teaching kids that its ok to be insulent, its ok to defy parental expectations. If you like bratty, smart mouth kids who are ultimately so sorry & learn THEY are wrong whilst almost getting both parents killed (cuz "they just won't listen) then sweeten the pot when the Mother acknowledges that she "learned something too", (& it wasn't how to use a belt) catapulting her from parent to friend, and both parents become useless, as they all make kissy face & trot off to live happily ever after in all of their new familial roles....child worshippers & worshipped child. Then you'll love this money waster. Hey! Pixar, if your animation wasn't so beatiful, I'd make you send me the $24 +$10.50 snack money I used up. You can take it out of petty cash. Gawd! Where's a good Joan Crawford when you need one!?
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Worth Seeing The Movie

By saratogaheart
Written June 26, 2012
Another Disney/Pixar success with Brave. A very good storyline complete with lessons and moral. Great visuals especially with Merida's flowing red hair. Some scenes may be a frightening for young children but otherwise a movie worth seeing.
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Best of Brave

By mharrison2615
Written June 26, 2012
I took my children to see Brave thinking it was just another animated film where the girl is rebellious and she runs away to be brave (physically), at least it started out to show her loving the bow, riding her horse, and scaling rocks. As the story unfolded it gave more insight on her mother and not necessarily her. I think they should have geared their marketing machine to all moms as a must see with their daughters. If you are like me, you go just wanting your kids to have a nice experience. In this case, my daughter learned a little about me. If you place that in the eye of those mom's on the fence about taking their girls because they feel it's just another movie, you may find that your audience will sustain the movie longevity for months, instead of the weeks that a movie stays in the theater. Of course that is if you base it on attendance. If not, realize that this mom is telling all the other moms that are on the fence in my neighborhood to go a take their girls.
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Not so typical disney movie

By meegan13577
Written August 08, 2012
usually disney movies with princess involve only 1 living parent and a love plot. (cinderella, both parents dead; pocahontas, mom dead; belle; mom dead, etc) but this movie was so much better. She wasnt in love with a prince or anyone and she had both of her parents! it was a great turn of event. funny for all ages, im 16 and i loved it. it isnt just for boys, there are humorous stuff little boys would love. recomended highly
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Nice job Disney and Pixar

By HannahDKelly
Written July 02, 2012
Overall, this was a great family movie. It was something different. There's only so many princesses who weild weapons when it comes to kids movies. But more importantly, it wasn't centered around finding "prince charming." The setting of the movie, Ireland, was beutifully animated, and the mother-daughter relationship was heart wrenching and suprisingly realistic. So nice job Disney and Pixar.
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