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Beautiful Scotland

By mrsround
Written June 27, 2012
It was just another reminder of why I would love to go to Scotland- the scenery, the accents, the feeling. It was beautiful! The movie was good. A little scary for my 3-year-old. My older kids (5 and 7) seemed to do fine with the scary bears. I even cried a few tears over the mending of relationships.
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Not Original

By crishwa1
Written June 25, 2012
This movie was part Tangled, part Brother Bear, part How to Train a Dragon. The storyline is not original. It was the red mane of curly hair and visuals that stole the show. My 13-yr-old daughter didn't like it and my 8-yr-old son didn't talk about the movie afterward which is very telling.
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Good and entertaining but not close to previous Pixar movies

By la_neta
Written July 02, 2012
One of the great thing about Pixar movies is that both children and adults typically thoroughly enjoy their movies. While this movie is entertaining, as an adult I could have skipped it or wait until it's available for rent (and even then, I might rent something else). Don't get me wrong, the movie is good, but I was expecting to be amazed and that this movie would top the previous Pixar movies, giving something new (if at least the story). Unfortunately, it doesn't come close to previous amazing movies such as Ratatouille, Up or even The Incredibles. To sum up, if you're going with children, they'll have a fun time. If going with adult friends, you'll have a good time but might be a bit dissapointed as I was.
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Brave, Weak, Disappointed

By Brewnote
Written June 23, 2012
I love Pixar and have been so pleased with their work over the years from Nemo to Wall-E. This was my least favorite of their films. What has worked so well for them is a combination of simple visual storytelling accessible to young audiences and an emotional and intellectual integrity that can be appreciated by everyone. This film was rife with low grade gags and left the wit out entirely. It had a decent story and perhaps came from the same kind hearted place I've valued in the other films, but it seems that the target was very different. With the hard core marketing that I've seen surrounding this film, it saddens me to believe that Brave was meant to be a cash cow more than anything. If you have a bunch of confused little kids who shriek with delight at the sight of an animated tushy, then they'll probably enjoy this film. If you're an adult reading this review, you're probably not going to want to be in the same theater with them though.
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Pixar has done it again!

By Sabrinamw
Written June 30, 2012
I always keep my expectations for family/children's movies on a medium range because my experience is that they eventually do not deliver but Pixar has yet to disappoint (even Cars 2 was better than Shrek the 3rd time around). Anyway, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll want to stay until the end of the credits (you get little reward). I am not one to cry at the movies but I did shed a little tear at the end, if you are a mother or a daughter or even a caregiver to children it will get you. The animation is phenomenal and the story line is well thought out and nicely executed. Lots of fun jokes and Scottish weirdness! The soundtrack is beautiful and the Witch is hilarious. Look for little Pixar nuggets, especially at the Witch's house and be sure to be there in time for the Short "La Luna" before the movie starts!
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