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A new level of movie animation

By Chrisdmd
Written June 22, 2012
I love it when I read critic reviews that say things like "...took no risks". It's laughable and obviously the old adage about opinions rings true about these types of critics. It seems these people become critics because they can't write screenplays. Truth hurts. Now on to the important part...BRAVE. BRAVE is just that - BRAVE. Being an animation student, it's a brave piece of movie making and lot of things you see on the screen are revolutionary as far as technology. The story is heartfelt, the voices perfect and the action plentiful. I guess critics like taking shots at the top dog (Pixar) because they feel important. I, on the other hand, applaud the dedication and effort to make such a movie, AND I appreciate it!! Go see it, it's another Pixar gem!!
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By zincfinger
Written April 30, 2016
I think this is the first time that a Disney-Pixar movie was handled by a female director. It had a very female feel. Finally this animated movie featured the poignant relationship between the princess and the queen compared to the usual princess and king relationship. It was very realistic to discuss the misunderstanding between the mother and daughter. I highly recommend this movie as a movie date for mothers and daughters.
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Not very impressed

By MiekWL
Written June 25, 2012
An ok story, but rather forgettable. Mostly slapstick humor with very little wit. Not a typical Pixar script. I'm sad to say that it looks like Pixar has been fully assimilated by Disney.
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had a ton of fun

By D'Ran
Written June 29, 2012
Liked the movie a lot - stunning animation - just pay attention to the background and the amount of detail will blow your mind. Plot was sort of a female version of Knights Tale.
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Go Red!

By sansfx
Written June 25, 2016
I love Pixar films! Brave is another wonderful film in a long line of awesome Pixar movies. It's funny and it's filled with good life lessons. I highly recommend this for adults as well as children.
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