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Awesome characters and great story

By marysevison
Written June 23, 2012
Saw it with my 12 year old daughter. We both really related to the storyline. And the characters were amazing, hilarious, and real. As a humongous fan of Boardwalk Empire, it was refreshing to see (hear )once again the main character. Let's hear it for the non-mega-star!!!!! Whar a great way to spend a summer afternoon. PIXAR ROCKS!!!!
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By tangierene
Written June 23, 2012
This film is not one of Pixar's best. Perhaps if my expectations had been a bit lower I would have enjoyed it more. It's cute but rarely evoked much emotion beyond an occasional chuckle. I saw the film with a Scottish friend who said that Emma Thompson could have used some coaching with her accent as it occasionally slipped. The story was very simple and entertaining enough - a fair lesson to little girls wishing to rebel against their mothers. Overall it's fine for the wee ones but kind of ho-hum for the adults.
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Who's Brave?

By lemhallen
Written July 10, 2012
For me, watching Brave was like that moment in Love Actually when Emma Thompson opened her Christmas gift expecting exquisite jewelry and found a CD instead. It’s a very nice movie with humorous moments, interesting characters, gorgeous scenery. The landscape was as alive as the people, a lovely tribute to the British Isles. But the story itself left me feeling betrayed. I think Brave was a good movie for young girls and their mothers. I think it might have been written by a young girl and her mother. I was pleased to read that Brave was being attributed to the Pixar studio, because it lacked the depth Disney usually provides for its adult audience. I do not think Merida lived up to the hype of the previews. I don't think she changed her destiny. I do not think she was particularly Brave. Nor did she live up to the glorious tradition of Disney princesses. Maybe she should have worn some pink. Or tried braiding her hair.
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A story to lose your self in and open your heart

By Lenaowen
Written June 22, 2012
Once again PIXAR does not disappoint me. A beautiful rendition of the "coming of age" story told through Scottish folklore. If you loved Tangled you not be disappointed. The simulation work done by PIXAR's employee's keeps getting better and better. I'm having a hard time putting into words how incredible the animation really is. Lets just say in this day in age it is very easy for many to forget or just not appreciate how absolutely incredible it is that a story and characters can be given such life. There still is a style to the characters; they are not trying to look exactly like us, but the talent, skill and hard work put into every little detail makes it all seem so natural, believable and relate-able. PIXAR has perfected the art of capturing viewers' hearts through the way that they have captured reality and released it into the world of make-believe. Young or old can walk away from this movie equally happy as the other. If anyone walks away unhappy, it is only their fault.
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First DISNEY Pixar Film

By OddWave
Written February 25, 2017
All Pixar films have been released thru Disney and Disney has owned PIxar a couple of years now but it seems to me this is the first Pixar film that is a traditional Disney film. This is clearly and simply a Disney Princess film. A well made one, but less original than previous Pixar films. Although as a Disney Princess film it's different in being focused on the mother-daughter relationship. No orphans and step parents here. Also not a musical like Tangled. Still, it's a good movie.
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