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Written June 23, 2012
Great kids of all ages movie, especially girls. Was as many older adults, with no kids, me included. Disney fans never fade away. Great life lessons for young and old alike. Had a few tears myself, but enjoyed it immensely. GOOD JOB DISNEY/PIXAR? FIVE STARS FROM ME.
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Brave was a fun and gorgeous movie in its own right, but seemed to fall flat.

By naynay.naomi
Written June 26, 2012
When I first heard that Pixar was finally making a movie with a female protagonist, I was really excited. But I’ve been anticipating this movie for such a long time, I think I might have hyped it too much in my head. The animation is, of course, wonderful as always. The scenery is breathtaking and the expression on the characters is stunning. The music was also really lovely and Julie Fowlis has an amazing voice. (I am definitely going to buy the soundtrack when I get the chance.) However, Brave definitely wasn't the great Pixar movie I was hoping it’d be. I think a lot of it hasdto do with the fact my expectations for it were too high, but it just fell flat in its potential. I was hoping for something better, but there was hardly any conflict or build up. The climax didn't grip my attention and the ending felt forced. And asI left the movie theatres, I felt disappointed and maybe even a little cheated, because there wasn't even a message to take away from the movie.
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Pixar is off the mark

By CYCO1631
Written July 01, 2012
My fiance and I went to see Brave at the drive in near our home, and were both somewhat disappointed. The positives included wonderful animation and making good use of the Scottish theme. However, the story seemed like a disjointed patchwork of elements that never really come together in the ways that I think Pixar would have intended had the writers done a better job with time allotment to each. I realize I'm being vague, as to not spoil specifics for those who will still see it, and it is worth seeing... but not in the way that Wall-e, or Up, or Cars were.
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Disney's Brave

By momov_1
Written January 16, 2017
What a great movie. May not be just the right movie for children under the age of 5 though due to some scary scenes. Another Disney classic for years to come.
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By lynnebohman1
Written August 28, 2016
We all loved Brave! Ages ranged from mid 50's, 20's, 7,3 and 2 yr olds. We 'd watch it again & are looking forward to the DVD.
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