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"Brave" is great for over 5 crowd

By ockat
Written June 23, 2012
This was a wonderful movie. Some parts of it were a little scary for smaller kids. I am SURE i will be buying it when it comes out on DVD.
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By cfraize
Written July 07, 2012
Beautiful story, great lesson for both girls and boys. Do the other viewers a break and leave children that can't sit for 2 hours at home.
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By ngoel
Written June 24, 2012
Fantastic animation, good story, a bit short. Enjoyed it with the family. Not as imaginative as The Incredibles or Monsters, Inc. but still a very good movie.
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By pbkaren
Written August 18, 2012
Finally caught "Brave" in a theatre before it leaves the big screens. As with most Pixar films, I think it was best to see in a theatre, not waiting for the tiny TV screen version. The quality of animation from Rixar just gets better each time, which is hard to imagine. But, the slightest details in facial expression and natural movements in the surrounding scenery are the things that, for me, tranform animation from "cartoon" to realism - so much so that the story evokes a human response to the story. (you KNOW there will be a happy ending, but the characters suck you in for the inevitable Pixar Storyline Tearfest). If there was ANYTHING to be said in the negative about "Brave", it would be that a few scenes went on past the "Ok- we GET it" stage. However, once those were done, the action popped right back to a lively, attention-grabbing rhythm. On a personal note - best enunciation out of Billy Connolly I've heard in years and disappointed that Craig Ferguson had so few liines.
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Great movie!

By movie_mom--MAC
Written July 16, 2012
This movie was a great movie to take my three year old to. She loved it, and it had a great overall message, I truely felt a "mama bear" moment toward the end!!! ;-)
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