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One of the BEST Animated Films I've ever experienced

By bwci_dusty
Written October 01, 2016
This is a must see movie for all ages, both from the story, the virtual cinematography and the experience. I've never wanted to see an animated movie a second time in the theater, but this one is a must to see more than once on the big screen We did not see it in 3D, and it was INCREDIBLE! We laughed, cried, jumped and just had a blast! If you love animated movies or Disney movies, this is a MUST-SEE, and you will enjoy it so much. If you don't live animated movies, this is still one to see, to experience what animated means with Disney and Pixar's latest movie, they are truly pushing the envelope!
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Not what we expected

By wen_mom
Written February 08, 2016
My daughter came away with this, "The Mom never listened to her daughter so that's why they had to go through all the bad times". My husband didn't like the fact that though the daughter had complete disregard for her parents, she got exactly what she wanted. My 7 yr old boy was frightened a few times and said he didn't like. Not at all what we were expecting. It wasn't awful but wish we hadn't spent the tome and money.
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Sadly, Pixar is in a rut

By dbillotti
Written June 25, 2012
This was much more a Disney film than a Pixar film. While the animation was beautiful, there was nothing original or daring about the script. It was your standard kiddie film with a happy ending and very little imagination along the way. I think of the long, beautiful opening of Wall-E or the montage in Up or the terrifying and beautiful moment when the toys almost went into the incinerator in Toy Story 3, and that makes this film look all the more weak in comparison. My twin 9-year olds certainly enjoyed it, but in the same "thanks for some killing some time" way they enjoyed Ice Age, for instance. I can tell when they're blown away, moved, inspired -- this film didn't do it. Kids can handle so much more than Disney offers them these days, and Pixar used to be the antidote. Time to go rent some Miyazaki films again.
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Stunning animation

By HollyB117
Written October 01, 2016
The animation was amazing - the way that Merida's hair moves and her horse were extremely realistic and well done. The plot was good, even though it's been done (mom & daughter don't see eye to eye, crisis happens, mom & daughter reconnect emotionally) and the characters were pretty funny. That being said, this is NOT a movie for small kids. IT IS RATED PG - I've heard several people comment that their 3 to 5 year old kids were scared. No duh, this movie is too much for kids that age. I would say elementary school age kids should be able to handle it with the parents, but pre-schoolers should not see this in the theater. It's too loud and scary at points, so wait for the DVD or for your kid to get a little older so they can handle it.
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Typical but good for a laugh

By LebenOjanen
Written June 25, 2012
This movie was a completely typical Disney Princess film. It doesn't dare deviate from the standard story, but that being said the comedy is pure gold. Nice to see there is a Pixar pulse in the Disney vein.
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