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Brave Synopsis
A courageous Scottish princess (Kelly Macdonald) must figure out how to undo a beastly curse.
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Brave is For Boys, Too: Entertainment Value and a Girl Power Message to Boot!

By lawyer_mom
I took my three and a half year old son to see Brave opening weekend. His likes include cars, trains, dinosaurs, firefighters, space blaster guns, typical boy stuff, and he LOVED Brave. He sat...

A mother/daughter film with a lesson.

By love-them-movies
I watched Brave 2 days ago with my 17 year old daughter. We are big Disney and Pixar fans, and we weren't disappointed! Finally a Disney movie without a Princess who needs a "man" to save her or make...

Great movie for anyone, especially moms and daughters!

By smithfam4
From the trailers, I was expecting the entire movie to be about a young girl refusing to be betrothed and possibly going up against a legendary bear. It is so much more than that!! I'm so happy that...

Brave is Bravo!

By XJ9
BRAVE is a computer-generated adventure complete with beautiful landscapes, funny moments, and danger. Mothers and daughters will truly appreciate the underlying message in the story. And, the guys...

Fit for tweens too!

By ShoTan17
Everyone loved this movie, from my husband to my youngest babe. The story was original, it looked amazing. There was just enough magic to make the story but the story wasn't bout magic but abut...

One of the BEST Animated Films I've ever experienced

By bwci_dusty
This is a must see movie for all ages, both from the story, the virtual cinematography and the experience. I've never wanted to see an animated movie a second time in the theater, but this one is a...

Not what we expected

By wen_mom
My daughter came away with this, "The Mom never listened to her daughter so that's why they had to go through all the bad times". My husband didn't like the fact that though the daughter had...

Sadly, Pixar is in a rut

By dbillotti
This was much more a Disney film than a Pixar film. While the animation was beautiful, there was nothing original or daring about the script. It was your standard kiddie film with a happy ending...

Stunning animation

By HollyB117
The animation was amazing - the way that Merida's hair moves and her horse were extremely realistic and well done. The plot was good, even though it's been done (mom & daughter don't see eye to eye,...

Typical but good for a laugh

By LebenOjanen
This movie was a completely typical Disney Princess film. It doesn't dare deviate from the standard story, but that being said the comedy is pure gold. Nice to see there is a Pixar pulse in the...

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Rated PG | For Some Scary Action and Rude Humor
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Common Sense Media says Mother-daughter princess tale has some very scary scenes.
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