merida is a great role model for girls!

By Emaline7
Written August 27, 2014
i'm not sure if the 3-d was worth the price, but the movie had a great story line! even though the story may not take place in present day, merida shows the audience a more "modern" way of thinking when she stands up to her mother about choosing her own husband. in classic disney story-telling, there's tragedy, humor and excitement. kids will love the action and cute characters and parents can enjoy the themes; especially the mother/daughter relationship between merida and her mother, elinor.
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By jooley_ann
Written July 07, 2012
Another great film from Disney. So much fun! A lot of intense scenes, so I wouldn't take a child younger than about 5 years old. A quick 90 minutes of full-on movie fun. I do NOT think you really need to see it in 3D, so save some $$ and go to the "flat" version. :)
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Great Movie - But Better in 3D? Not really.

By williams.darlene
Written October 25, 2014
The movie is wonderful. It has great female role models who have real strengths. It's a family must see. The 3D aspect was novel for the kids but didn't add anything to the movie, I wish I had saved the extra money.
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Very cute story

By ValerieTalladay
Written December 25, 2014
Brave is wonderful. It did a great job creating a fairytale in the same vein as other Disney princesses, who were already folklore legends and not modern creations. It was great seeing a heroine take charge in the way a teenager would...with strength, skill and not much worldly wisdom (better than reality tv versions). It was also nice to see a movie without a typical bad guy or source of evil. In reality our struggles are often our own problems, not outside forces trying to do us in. It's a great lesson for youngsters...among others in this tale. While I agree with those saying it's not their favorite Pixar film, it's shameful that people always expect improved greatness from a company that has it's own bar for quality films set higher than all others. You never compare a Warner Brothers or Fox movie to another (unless it's a sequel to the same film). This was a worthy and wonderful addition to the Disney/Pixar library and I hope many give it a chance and not listen to critics!
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Brave 3D

By nautumn4
Written March 03, 2015
I Must see, definately even better in 3D... I loved it, Every now and then there comes along a Disney movie that even Adults want to see.. And this is one of them, definately wasnt a disappointment!!! A movie your children will Learn from....
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