Very enjoyable!

By Cabinderada
Written April 30, 2016
Animation was great and the voice acting was spot on. I've read some other reviews where people were saying that the 3-D wasn't worth the extra money but I disagree. Admittedly, it was absolutely more subtle than Madagascar 3, but I feel it was so well done that it really added to the movie in ways that just didn't feel like a pasted-on opportunity. I feel that the moral was a little muddled (Free Will? Love your parents/children? Listen to people? Read the label? All of the above?) but I was happy to be there when I left and both my kids loved it (ages 12 and 8). Super kudos to the people in charge of animating Merida's hair (an absolute wonder of curls and corkscrews), the horses (the realest-looking animals I've ever seen in a cartoon) and the bears' mannerisms (the best on-going joke in the movie). Also double-kudos to Disney/Pixar for not giving away the central plot conceit (and I won't either!). Recommended.
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Review of Brave

By vodadonna
Written February 28, 2017
It's okay. I'm charmed by the idea of it, the look of it, the acting/voicing. The story, I'm eh. I like it and it's great for younger kids (about 12 and under), but if you're older (I'm 24 and took my 14 year old sister to see this), it's alright.
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Brave XD 3D

By mom_2kids
Written June 23, 2012
The movie Brave had great graphics/special effects. I also liked the story line, which I discussed with my 7-yr daughter during the movie so that she would understand the story. But I'm disappointed that Disney Pixar keeps writing movies that have such scary scenes. If you watch the commercials on tv, they are sweet and funny, aimed at kids. But the movies continue to have very scary parts not made for children. I continue to be disappointed by the "darkness" in Pixar movies. You can take out those parts and still have a great movie. If you plan to take young children to this movie, I would suggest not seeing it on the big XD screen and not in 3D. It makes the scary parts of the movie very frightening. My daugther hid her face in my lap most of the last 30 minutes of the movie. This movie should have been rated PG13.
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Cute - not the typical princess movie

By mommy42
Written January 23, 2017
Without giving away the story - it wasn't the typical "princess" story! That was refreshing! My 13 yr old daughter and I enjoyed it. It is cute and has some parts that make you cry, lots of laughing and drama/danger.
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By informative1
Written June 23, 2012
The message in this movie was very good, however, there were a few scenes that I wasn't happy with. The violence in the movie was quite violent for a "kid" movie. Also, there's a scene where the king slaps the queen on the rear end. My lil one is 5 1/2 and I was mortified that she had seen that. The part of the king slapping the queen on the rear end was COMPLETELY unnecessary.
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