By moviegoer_maniac
Written September 29, 2016
Kelly McDonald plays "Merida" the princess daughter to Scottish King Fergus (Bill Connolly). Merida would rather be a tomboy and do her own thing rather then participate in the traditions of being a Scottish Princess. Out of anger with her mother the queen (Emma Thompson), Merida rides her horse into the forest and follows some fairies. The fairies lead her to a cottage where a little old lady lives. This little old lady happens to be a witch who can cast spells. Merida asks the witch to cast a spell that will change her destiny. The story unfolds from there... I found "Brave" surprisingly cute, fun and entertaining!! It's definitely fast paced and never boring. The animation is very good. The cinematography and camera angles are breath taking at times. Children young and old will enjoy it. This isn't the best movie that Pixar has done, but it's definitely worth seeing.
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See Brave But Not in 3D

By culbre51
Written May 02, 2016
Liked the story and the animation. I wished I had saved my money on the 3D version though. I had no appreciation for the effects and would have enjoyed the movie without 3D. I guess after recently viewing a 3D movie in Busch Gardens a few weeks ago, this was totally a waste. There were no real effects. Go to the regular viewing NOT the 3D version you will absolutely enjoy it so much more. My two granddaughters agree that the special effects were not special at all.
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By cgeneix
Written March 28, 2017
Very good movie, but just one warning: pretty scary for little children. My 7-year old had a hard time and had to close her eyes quite a few times. I would say it's more for 10-11 year-old kids. Otherwise, very interesting, for once a Disney female character who does not want to be a princess!
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Surprise entertainment!

By kjcardona
Written June 25, 2012
Brave was awesome! I had not read anything about it other than all of the previews, and I have to say it was quite emotionally empowering. Excellent storyline and amazing animation. Merida's hair was exceptionally awesome! I might recommend a digital presentation over the Disney Real 3D experience, the action seems too blurred in 3D.
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By Trippinbillys
Written June 23, 2012
The movie was great, the graphics were great, and the story line was great. This is a must see movie for Disney fans old and young! I love that this Princess is all about girl power and not boys!
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