Excellent Kid and Adult Movie

By Ohana5Bellevue
Written January 18, 2017
We took our son (10) and 5 of his friends and our 7 year old daughter. They all thought it was fantastic. The only part that would be questionable for younger kids is the Bear scene, it could be pretty intense & scary for younger kids.
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Great -- Trailers DO NOT do the movie justice...

By 41media
Written January 16, 2017
Brave was surprisingly and pleasantly very very good. My girlfriend and I enjoyed it immensely. Disney/Pixar movies are almost always enjoyable and to do this day there is only a few titles that the studio has produced that I haven't enjoyed. Brave is another film to add to the Pixar family's list of greats. This movie can appeal to all audiences, adults and children alike. I highly recommend seeing this film. You will truly enjoy the magic of it.
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Fun for all ages...

By h_d_mike
Written April 25, 2017
My girlfriend suggested we see this movie and since I've always enjoyed animated films, I was more than happy to go see this one. We're 50'ish and both enjoy a good movie. She has seen a few 3D films but this one was my first REAL 3D film. I seem to remember seeing one of the old format 3D films using the paper viewing glasses many moons ago, but it left such a bad impression on me I don't even remember what the movie was. Brave is a fun tale of a young Princess who is more Tom-boy than Royalty. She is smart, spirited and fearless while still making some questionable decisions as a young teen. The supporting characters are a lot of fun and the movie moves at a swift yet comfortable pace. There's a lot of laughter and silliness, a few scary moments (ok for young kids though), and some joyful tears. The awesome 3D effects are typical Disney/Pixar. I'd give this movie a 7 on a 1-10 scale and would recommend it for young & 'old' alike. Michael & Mary
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By Barbaramsw
Written July 01, 2016
The whole family will enjoy this, but especially mothers and daughters. FINALLY, a breathtakingly beautiful, funny yet serious, movie that gives mothers and daughters a film about . . . well, mothers and daughters. It is about family closeness (spoiler alert -- the parents don't die as in most Disney films), but there are some scary parts for very young children. Dom't let that stop you from seeing the best animated film in years! GO. It's a hard picture not to love.
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merida is a great role model for girls!

By Emaline7
Written February 11, 2016
i'm not sure if the 3-d was worth the price, but the movie had a great story line! even though the story may not take place in present day, merida shows the audience a more "modern" way of thinking when she stands up to her mother about choosing her own husband. in classic disney story-telling, there's tragedy, humor and excitement. kids will love the action and cute characters and parents can enjoy the themes; especially the mother/daughter relationship between merida and her mother, elinor.
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