Cute and Great Graphics as expected!

By tazsmama97
Written May 01, 2017
I decided to brave the 1st Day of Opening with my 6 yr. old . We watched in 3D instead of XD and it looked great! Fun, Adventurous and My Daughter came away feeling more appreciatiative and loving towards her mother! lol Will be buying when released on disc.
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By jooley_ann
Written July 07, 2012
Another great film from Disney. So much fun! A lot of intense scenes, so I wouldn't take a child younger than about 5 years old. A quick 90 minutes of full-on movie fun. I do NOT think you really need to see it in 3D, so save some $$ and go to the "flat" version. :)
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Great Movie - But Better in 3D? Not really.

By williams.darlene
Written May 01, 2016
The movie is wonderful. It has great female role models who have real strengths. It's a family must see. The 3D aspect was novel for the kids but didn't add anything to the movie, I wish I had saved the extra money.
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Very cute story

By ValerieTalladay
Written March 26, 2017
Brave is wonderful. It did a great job creating a fairytale in the same vein as other Disney princesses, who were already folklore legends and not modern creations. It was great seeing a heroine take charge in the way a teenager would...with strength, skill and not much worldly wisdom (better than reality tv versions). It was also nice to see a movie without a typical bad guy or source of evil. In reality our struggles are often our own problems, not outside forces trying to do us in. It's a great lesson for youngsters...among others in this tale. While I agree with those saying it's not their favorite Pixar film, it's shameful that people always expect improved greatness from a company that has it's own bar for quality films set higher than all others. You never compare a Warner Brothers or Fox movie to another (unless it's a sequel to the same film). This was a worthy and wonderful addition to the Disney/Pixar library and I hope many give it a chance and not listen to critics!
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Brave 3D

By nautumn4
Written March 25, 2017
I Must see, definately even better in 3D... I loved it, Every now and then there comes along a Disney movie that even Adults want to see.. And this is one of them, definately wasnt a disappointment!!! A movie your children will Learn from....
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