Go--Be Brave and Smart--Skip the 3D

By S Coelho
Written June 22, 2012
Not quite on par with Nemo and Up, Brave was entertaining, but not a movie you want to pay premo denaro on. Apart from the fact that this is perhaps the script with the least amount of depth Pixar has put out, the 3D in some parts was way too jarring--shaky even--and if you have young children there are definitely a few scenes that might be too intense for them. Kind of like the Pocahontas of Pixar flicks: entertaining and nice to look at, but that's about it.
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If you saw the commercial you saw the best parts of the movie. Wait for DVD if you must see.

By Al Gore the Minotaur
Written June 26, 2012
Starts out great and seems to have great potential but then wanders around and has a weak plot that dosent keep children or adults interested. Predictable throught and actuall rather dark plot. Could have been a pretty good film just didnt feel put together very well.
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It was OK

By Jimbo2K5
Written June 25, 2012
The aniimation and voice acting were excellent. But unlike previous Pixar products, this one as basically a standard Disney "Princes in peril" story. On that lavel it failed for me. With that said, it was still beautiful to watch, the characters were very visually memorable, and the 3D effects were both subtle and well done. I would recommend it.
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By MedRed
Written June 25, 2012
Pixar delivers another fun movie. The plot was pretty constrained, and the timing in the movie is odd, but overall it's very funny and highly entertaining. There's a good lesson to be learned here. The animated short before the movie was heartwarming. I saw this in the new Dolby Atmos surround system. It's great, but this movie really doesn't put it to the test.
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A must see for daughters and mom's of daughters

By sturck
Written August 01, 2014
Beautifully tells the story of the struggles in a relationship between a daughter as she is discovering herself and fighting for her individuality, and a mom's well intentioned unconditional love. In the end that unconditional love wins binding them together as the fog clears, allowing them to see the beauty in one another and embrace the special bond they have without expectation. Magnificent!
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