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By dahlin
Written July 24, 2007
Not to be missed both by fans of either the old or new school approaches presented in the film, as well as those out there who've had little exposure to neither. The hotel room scene where Madlib puts a beat together right there in front of the camera alone justifies the price of admission (same goes for Mamao's initial Madlib listening experience). The actual concert footage included is actually the least interesting part of the film, especially the extended clip at the end. Overall B+ succeeds in illustrating the fact that while the influence of these bossa nova/samba legends has enjoyed a new vitality on the turntables, their continued relevance has been sustained not by the advent of new recording instruments and tools, but by the uninhibited creative spark present in their original work. Different artists in different eras have arrived at comparable or compatible ends by disparate means. This isn't the delineation of a family tree so much as a home video of a family reunion.
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It will change your life

By circa80
Written July 18, 2007
Go see it
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By fckr1313
Written July 20, 2007
few others are exploring global music in this fashion ... you've got to catch this.
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A milestone in music history

By tis1971
Written July 19, 2007
This documentary is a piece of art, simply for the content it contains and the story it tells. Fortunately, it's also edited and directed well, so it stands out just that much more. Don't sleep!
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dance in your seat

By faithcrawford
Written July 18, 2007
this was awesome
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