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A former ad executive uncovers a global conspiracy to trigger unbridled consumerism.
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Sobers Only.

By Seffbasilisk
Branded is an intellectual perspective-bender centered around a Russian man with a knack for marketing. It's the type of flick that can be watched multiple times for finding the subtle nuances. For...

Not Worth it Even at a $1 movie

By ocsdfw
I am very open to all types of movies, not very critical of story, plots, charactors, etc... I go to movies for fun, take it for what it is, and if I was entertained a bit then I am happy. I...

A New Cult Classic

By bacedifoguh
I don't normally review films but I feel compelled to defend Branded from the idiots criticising it. First off, if you gave up early and walked out on this movie, I see why your complaining. I'll...

Branded is a bomb

By tcat37
Branded was very boring and snail paced. Didn't know if it wanted to be a mystery thriller or a satire. And what were those creepy monster things???? Couldn't figure out what each represented. Weird...

OMG - how awful was this?

By tolenmay
This is one of the few movies I've ever walked out of (after wasting over an hour of my life). The description of this movie sounded so good and, though it had some great actors in it (Leelee...

Proof That Money Can't Buy A Good Movie.

By Al P
It's a rare thing indeed when a film with an enormous budget, great talent and all the right assets, just can't close the deal with an audience. Yet, here it is. Is this a bad movie? Well, that...

Don't see

By jhs39
Quirky but very bad movie. I give the filmmakers credit for doing something offbeat but little of the movie works, particularly in the second half, which is where nearly all of the scenes from the...

Don't waste your time and money

By Knightwolf75
This is not an sci-fi acion movie like you would have thought. Unlike the previews, this movie is sorta indy-styled semi docudrama and nothing like the previews shown on tv. If anything it satires...

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By alex111701
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By breaker581
The good: The two lead actors were both very good in this movie. The idea behind the story was interesting; it just could have been developed much more. Trailer made the film look pretty good....

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Rated R | For Language and Some Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Bizarre, unsettling, futuristic satire about advertising.
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